• Filtering Vendor Names Against ERP Database on Cloud via Intelligent Indexing service.

    we are indexing incoming invoices with Intelligent Indexing Service. I'm aware you can use a flat file to filter the content to ensure your vendor names are consistent with the data in their ERP.

    I would like to come up with a solution to automatically keep the filtering flat file synced with the ERP database. I have established connections to the database for select list data. I know that there is a write-back option in AUTOINDEX to update the file used for indexing.

    It seems all the necessary components are available to make this happen but I need help figuring it out. Thanks.
  • RE: Writing Data to Table Fields From External Data Source

    Thanks for the response and information.
  • Writing Data to Table Fields From External Data Source

    An invoice is stored into the FC. My customer wants to include the purchase order information in the index data. The purchase order data can be indexed from the great Plains Database. Purchase orders are only electronic and reside in the GP accounting system.  My problem is that the purchase order can contain several line items of data. I have found the table fields are a perfect application for this but the table fields are not available to be populated in an Autoindexing run. Does anyone have any ideas or has anyone been presented with this question? I guess the other solution would be if we could somehow export the PO's to the file cabinet from Great Plains after they are created. They have never "printed out" purchase orders in the past. Could workflow designer be configured to get the PO data from the database into docuware? 
  • Splitting of documents and indexing capture workflow (cloud system)

    I'm configuring a new customer (cloud)
    Workflow: quick pay invoices and backup are sent to the company. The attached PDF file contains the Invoice, Carrier Rate confirmation and prof of delivery documents. This document needs to be split into its 3 parts and indexed.

    I'm using the import tool and configuration to split the document into 3 parts and provide static index information and index extraction from the structured documents. These 3 files are then delivered to the intelligent Indexing tray for further processing. Mainly to get document type indexing and and information from the semi structured delivery paperwork.

    Everything is good so far, but They need the LOAD ID data populated on all 3 documents. I can only get the LOAD ID on 2 document types because it is on the documents. I need to get the load ID on the 3rd document to complete the indexing.

    I think i can accomplish this with Autoindex but the problem is I need the 3 files to have a common index field. I cant use the file name or the current date time dynamic entry.  File names are not unique and the date time is not accurate because seconds are not included.

    I'm thinking a good solution would be to find an application that would extract the attachment from the email and move it to an import folder. I would need the file renamed or appended with a timestamp  ( MM/DD/YYYY/ H-M-SEC ) this would ensure I have a unique value that i could use to fill an index field later to be used as a match code that binds the 3 parts.

    If anyone has any Ideas or suggestions or a better way to build this capture workflow I would appreciate them.
  • Forced Windows Updates

    I have run into issues attempting to force windows updates on various versions of windows servers. I have discovered if you remove the Windows Desktop Experience Role/service the updates will then download and install on demand. I have done this on a new server without Docuware installed. If I remove the service on a server hosting docuware will it impact the operation or break the system? I believe this role is assigned when DocuWare is installed. Servers need updating before the installer will proceed. This has prevented upgrading in the past.
  • updating 6.9 V2 to 7.1 then moving to new server.

    I had a few concerns to ask about.

    1. Will the intelligent indexing data of learned invoices remain intact? Will Fulltext data remain as well.
    2. Tech support said I would be OK upgrading from 6.9 directly to 7.1? Just verifying.
    3. the storage location is located on the existing server. Is it ok to leave it there and map drives on the new server and point docuware system to it? Will there be any issues with this practice during a server move?

    I have been referencing Phil's instructions moving a system 7 dated October 2018.
  • Dealer Track Integration

    anyone integrated with a product called Dealer Track. It is an accounting erp that a prospect of mine wishes to integrate with.
  • @Joe

    Thanks for the information. I will pass this along to my customer.

  • Forced Log Off

    I dont want someone sitting on a concurrent license if they are not active.

  • forced log off due to inactivity (on-premise 6.12)

    If for example we have users that log in to docuware and minimize the web client to work elsewhere and forget to log off. Is it possible to force a log off due to inactivity or limit the time a user is logged on?