• RE: Renaming Document / Filename from Document's Index Values

    In order to rename files stored in file cabinets, it is possible only using SDK. We got it for this way, but it would be great if Docuware develops this function as native. This it should be to tied to "Document name" radio button in the file cabinet field configuration.

  • Task return after out of office is finished in Workflow Manager

    hi everyone,

    Is possible that tasks return automatically to principal user of a substitution list once he has activated the Out Of Office and it has finished?.

    I have configured a task in workflow that reassign inmediatelly the tasks using substitution list when the user activates the Out Of Office. My goal is, when the Out Of Office is finished, all the tasks that are in the next user of the substitution list return to him automatically.

  • Re assignment

    Reassignment task to principal after Out Of Office.

    I have a workflow that uses substitution list to reassing tasks inmediatelly to a second user in the list when the principal turn on the Out Of Office. I want get the tasks are reassigned to the principal user of the list, after the this one turn off the Out Of Office. Are there any way to do with the Workflow Designer?, or what another way I could this?

    Thanks for your answers.