• RE: DW4 documents in DW7-1537798253

    Hi Phil --

    - I was unaware of this limitation and recently upgraded a customer to DW7 from DW6.9.  They have a ton of old DWTIFF images, many of them from DW4 infrastructure.
    - Now what?  The upgrade has already been performed...
  • RE: Dropping Unwanted Characters from DW Import OCR Strings

    The answer was to remove the hyphens in post capture using a MySQL script.

    The script I used was:

    UPDATE database name SET table name = REPLACE(table name, '-', '');

    The first set of quotes inside the parenthetical identifies what I wanted to remove and the second set of parentheticals identifies what I wanted it replaced by, so in this case, remove the hyphen and replace with nothing.

    I still have to figure out the correct way to snip OCR using before and after recognized characters,,, not having any luck with it so far.
  • Dropping Unwanted Characters from DW Import OCR Strings

    - I have a customer who wants to store about 12,000 documents and he wants to use DW Import templates to do it.  There are two types of documents; checks and letters.  The checks are related to the letters by a matching account number and dollar amount (required for Stapler job).
    - He wants to extract the account number and the dollar amount contained in both.
    - I have two questions...
    -   FIRST, the 17-digit account number is represented on both document types using hyphens for ease of reading, but the hyphens are not used in the DW file cabinet.  The ACCOUNT NUMBER field in DW is a VARCHAR 20 field with no mask assigned (I guess they just manually type the 17 digits when storing a new document to the file cabinet).  What is the best way to OCR the account number and store it w/o the hyphens?  I cannot find the DW Import template equivalent the way you could configure the DW Windows Desktop Client REC2 module to ignore specified characters.
    - I thought perhaps the answer was to create a mask for the field, but nobody seems to understand REGTXT enough to suggest the correct filter syntax.  Not sure this would work, but until I have the correct REGTXT I can't teat it.
    - SECOND, the letters contain a dollar amount as part of the text.  The dollar amounts vary from $.nn up through $nnn.nn. The dollar amount is immediately followed by a comma to set the amount off in the sentence to which it belongs.  Again -- in the old DW Windows Desktop REC2 module we could set an OCR zone and have it garb everything between the "$" and the comma -- but no similar function in Web Client DW Import.
    - I can use the character count filters because the character counts vary based on the dollar amount.
    - I see that there is a substitution function in DW Import template, but I can't figure out how to make it work.
    - Any suggestions?
  • RE: Indexing based on radio button/check box

    I faced this scenario for a client working with official state forms at the top of which were four choices for the purpose of the form (New Application, Cancelation, Supersede, or Amendment).  The form was machine generated and each option had a box next to it into which a check mark was applied for the applicable purpose.

    We had to capture the form as it was generated and sent through DW Printer (and subsequently a physical printer for mailing ).

    The only way we were able to accommodate the customer, and they approved this solution, is we added four fields to the file cabinet: NEW, CANCEL, SUPERSEDE, AMEND.

    We configured the DW Import template to OCR each of the check boxes and transfer the "X" from the document to the corresponding field in DW.

    Then we configured the RESULT LIST with the four document "types" alongside each other in tight columns.

    It wasn't the prettiest solution, but we were able to build it inside of DW w/o having to buy or use any 3rd party capture solution.

    This has been running for about a decade or more now and although not the most eloquent of solutions -- it is stable and the customer likes it.