• DocuWare Autoindex Failure Report

    Does Autoindex have a feature that will generate a report for documents that failed or did not match any query during an automated background Autoindex run? 

    We need this feature to determine which documents will need to be processed by Autoindex again. 

  • Thanks Phil! Is there a way

    Thanks Phil! Is there a way to export this to a report for easier viewing? 

  • DocuWare Import Failure Report


    Does DocuWare have a feature to generate a report whenever a document has failed the import process? How would one know if there were errors encoutered during an automated batch import process?


  • 2 Factor Authentication

    I'm interested in figuring out a workaround if a client is interested in a 2-factor authentication for the Cloud. We can do a VPN for on-premise systems but I'm not sure on the remedy for the cloud. Any thoughts? 

  • DocuWare Access Time Out


    Does DocuWare have a feature to time out inactive users?

    I did some research and this support faq says this feature has since been removed from 6.5


  • DocuWare Database Migration


    Has anyone had any experience migrating their DocuWare database from MySQL to MS SQL?

    Are there any guidelines that must be taken or is it straightforward?

    Any insights or references would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you. 

  • Hi Phil,

    Hi Phil,

    The concern of the client stems mostly on how to retrieve their documents one day if they decide to stop using DocuWare and switch to a different DMS.

    While the indices can be migrated via MySQL tools, I do not have a clear idea as to how it will match up with a specific document outside DocuWare. 

    Thank you for your insights.

  • Thanks Michael! I'll look

    Thanks Michael! I'll look into that. Didn't know there were significant limitations to it. 

  • Hi Phil,

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for the response. So DocuWare does not have any tools to back up documents stored within the file cabinet?

    Can you give an example of a technology they may use? I'm not sure I understand how it will integrate with the DocuWare system.


  • DocuWare Backup


    A potential client of ours is particularly concerned with how files within DocuWare are backed up. I understand that if they are using MySQL as their DocuWare database, it can be backed up using MySQL Workbench. DocuWare Admin also has a migration/backup wizard that can be used. 

    But their main concern is how to access these files outside DocuWare. If they decide to stop using DocuWare one day, will they still be able to access all their files and related incides?

    Thank you.