• Same thing I got from support

    I have been assigned request #307,728; regarding silent install for version 7.

    The same’s for the previous version 6.12 are the same steps for version7.

    We do apologize for our knowledge base website being down and not being updated; we are currently in the process of updating everything on our new systems for the roll out.

    Soon as that is complete all of our KB articles will be up to date,


    That's great, add the doc to the website?  Communicate with your customers?   Knowledgebase is down, wow, i thought we run through blue/green deploys now-a-days, why on earth anything is "down" while they update it, is so 1990's..   Let's get our crap together Docuware, I hate managing applications wich lack Administrative Automation.  Oh and can you at least fix the file repo where I download the binaries?  https://docuware-online.com/DocuWare/ClientSetupData/ That link is broken, what a mess.   

  • In need of Silent Install docs for version 7

    Docuware this is the 3rd time you've changed the silent install method in 1 version bump.  We had a script we'd use(worked fine) then you shortened it up with silent install command switch w/ orgid which worked fine, now there's nothing and neither the previous silent install versions work.  Some of us have a lot of computers that we manage and visiting each computer to upgrade Docuware using the gui is just obsurd.  Please update your docs and provide a wiki entry for silent installs, thank you.