• Looking for Keyword field usage examples

    I've been unable to find documentation on the Keyword field type and how to use it, but I think that if I were to understand how it can be used, it may help me set up and administer our DocuWare installation better. I don't know where else to look at the moment - apologies if this isn't the best place for it.

    One thing we're looking to implement in our business is a Marketing Document Pool/File Cabinet. I'm thinking that keywords could be used to describe aspects of the document that we could use to search on. 
    1. What are some ways you use keyword fields in your business?
    2. How have you implemented them in forms?
    3. How have you used them with workflows and other functionality?
    Feel free to point me to other forum posts that may already address this sort of thing, if needed.

    Thank you!
  • Time Submitted field -- on form?

    Thank you for your reply, Phil.

    How do I get this to be shown on the merged form when it's printed?

  • How to autofill time submitted on a form?

    The owner of our business asked if it was possible to add the time that a document was submitted to the form so that when printed, he could see it.  There could be a way to do this, but I haven't found it. Yet.