• RE: REST API : Document searches by fields

    It looks like, that for the search dialog guid, a null guid can also be used:

  • Connect to Mail mit Kerio Connect

    Weiß jemand zufällig, ob man mittels Connect to Mail alle ein- und ausgehenden Mails von einer Kerio Connect Umgebung (nicht Exchange!) archivieren kann bzw. gibt es schon Erfahrungen damit?
  • RE: Move a v7 DocuWare system to a new server

    The purpose of installing and uninstalling is, in my opinion, solely to have MySQL installed properly. It looks like the DocuWare setup has no option to install only MySQL. Therefore, don't uninstall via the setup, because MySQL will be uninstalled, too. Instead, you have to uninstall each server component manually and, furthermore, delete the config files in the program and program data folders  after uninstall. Then restore the MySQL backup and then the DocuWare setup will give you the option to use an existing MySQL database for configuration... 
  • RE: Move a v7 DocuWare system to a new server

    At the weekend I did a move of a Version 7.1 system with mysql to another server and learned a couple of things…
    The new server  had the same name as the old one, so I copied the achiv structure (in praxis the virtual disk was copied) and the fulltext Indices to the new server (same paths!) and started with the installation of mysql from the DocuWare msi (InternalDatabase2.msi). Mysql was installed, though not as a service, I had to do this manually…
    Now I backed up (dumped) the dw databases from the old system and restored them on the new system. Later I had to learn that a SQL procedure in the dwsytem database has not been copied by this way, so I had to copy it manually..
    Last but not least, I had some problems with mysql system tables innodb_table_stats, innodb_index_stats, slave_master_info and slave_master_log_info, which I had to backup and restore manually from the old System.
    The good news is, that after having successfully restored the mysql database, the fresh DocuWare Installation (Extension of System!) worked like a charm. To get the Import Jobs running on the new server, I copied the hotfolders.xml and for the fulltext index, the solr.xml has to be copied, so nothing had to be reinstalled manually and everything works now. As a resumee, I would not recommend to do this in that way, if you don't have a founded experience with mysql and DocuWare.