• RE: Questions about changes in DW 7.0-1530205401

    (Excuse my French : it's just because I'm one ;o)
    I found a way to make Docuware Desktop Apps working on a Mac Apple M1 Pro (MacOS Ventura13.4.1), with the Parallels Desktop Emulation software (v. 1.8.x), and a virtual installation of Windows 11 Pro ARM 64bits.
    I can't say that it's a "nice" installation of the Docuware Desktop Apps (there's still an error message about the Windows Explorer Client during installation), but everything seems to work correctly for now (Workflow Designer, Docuware Administration, Printer, etc.)

    Here's the way :
    1. Launch Windows 11 with the Emulation of Parallels Desktop normally
    2. Open the Windows File Explorer, and navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Docuware\Client Setup
    3. Make a right-click and choose "Open in Terminal" (I don't know if it's the good choice in English : it's in french for me ;o)
    4. Type this command (replace datas in [brackets] by yours :
    .\Docuware.Setup.Client.Cmd.exe install --auto --server=https://[your_docuware_cloud_address]/ --orgId=[your_org_Id_that_is_in_docuware_configuration_pages]

    If everything is OK, the installation of Docuware Desktop Apps processes normally, except one error message about "Windows Explorer Client", and you'll be able to find all the Docuware Desktop Apps in the launch menu of Windows.

    At this point, you should be able to use Workflow Designer, and the other Desktop Apps on you Mac, by using your Parallels Desktop Emulation of Windows.
    It's not as comfortable as a real native compatibility, but it's better than having two machines to work (a Mac + a PC just for Desktop Apps).

    Be warned that it's not a real "clean installation", and I'm not a developper or a full tester : there's no guarantee about possible errors over time of use (Workflow Designer works fine, Docuware Administration too, and the "normal" update to Docuware 7.8.x seemed to work too).

    I hope this will help.

  • RE: PDF Flattening when merge form used and after its completed the workflows.

    Hi all,
    I have the same need : not to lock access by anyone inside DW (index value profiles works well for that), but to "secure" or "fix" a bit the pdf file in order to send it outside DW (typically via email).
    I've read several times that it's a product limitation of DW, not to be able to flatten a fillable pdf stored in DW (via a Form for example), and then updated/modified/validated via a WF.
    If no mistake, the fillable pdf format is a condition for documents areas surfaces' updates in a WF, isn'it ?
    It sounds like a real nonsense to my ears... ;o) Is this limitation confirmed by others users here ? Or perhaps is there any way that I don't know yet to solve this ?
    Thanks in advance for the community's answers about this need.