• RE: PDF Flattening when merge form used and after its completed the workflows.

    Hi all,
    I have the same need : not to lock access by anyone inside DW (index value profiles works well for that), but to "secure" or "fix" a bit the pdf file in order to send it outside DW (typically via email).
    I've read several times that it's a product limitation of DW, not to be able to flatten a fillable pdf stored in DW (via a Form for example), and then updated/modified/validated via a WF.
    If no mistake, the fillable pdf format is a condition for documents areas surfaces' updates in a WF, isn'it ?
    It sounds like a real nonsense to my ears... ;o) Is this limitation confirmed by others users here ? Or perhaps is there any way that I don't know yet to solve this ?
    Thanks in advance for the community's answers about this need.