• Add comments box for next assign user task in Workflow

    Hi guys,

    I'm new in Docuware. Quick question.

    Any idea how i can use comments/remarks that available to see for one user task to next user task in workflow task?
    For example, user reject task with new instruction for the next user to follow.
    This instruction should be passed and readable for the next user in their Task Page in Client.

    Much thanks

  • Perform calculation, lookup and update db - eForms & Workflow


    Im trying to develop Leave application process in Docuware. I have created external db that store number of available leave for employee. So the question are;

    1. In Docuware Forms & Workflow, can I perform calculation in Forms for exp, by using 2 dates (Leave Start Date & End Date) will calculate number of days applied and populate into fields in Forms?

    2. Possible to perform db lookups in forms designer?

    3. How to update db after leave process completed? exp, total days remaining will be subtracted from the days applied.