• Annotation Overlay Access Right

    In document viewer, there are 5 layers of Annotation Overlays, I want to know if it's possible to assign access rights to specific layers, for instance I want management to place signatures and stamps on overlay layer 1, and other employees should not have the right to hide that overlay layer, is that doable?
    This is just an example, I want to know if there are any possibilities to control access to specific overlay layer individually, I know that I can allow users to add/edit annotations but this applies to all layers.


  • Delete Workflow created by delete user

    I have one workflow created as a test by one user, that user has been deleted from the system, how can I delete that workflow.<br> I'm the organization admin, but I don't have the right to do anything with that specific workflow from Workflow Designer.<br> <br> Please see attached screenshot
  • Calculated filter in Where Clause of Autoindex

    I need to create records in one file cabinet for a set of record from another cabinet, this must be done automatically once a year. The new records include a text field called year, I set a filter in the Trigger tab of Autoindex as in the screenshot, it's works perfectly. Now I want to make the year value dynamic based on the current date at the time of execution, is it possible to do that?
    I tried this in (Where Clause): Year(GETDATE()) and Year(Now) but both failed!

    Is there another way to achieve that?

    Update: I also tried the following but without success, I don't think WHERE CLAUSE accept SQL expressions!



  • How to create a store dialog that can only be used from DocuWare Forms


    I want to create a store dialog that can only be used from DocuWare Forms, but users should not sea it from the Web Client, is there a way to do that?


  • RE: .NET API PostToAnnotationRelationForDocumentAnnotations

    Problem solved by calling:

    document = document.GetDocumentFromSelfRelation();

    Before posting the annotation.
  • .NET API PostToAnnotationRelationForDocumentAnnotations


    I want to add annotation to a document from another application using .NET API, I used the code from this page:

    When calling:
    I get this error:
    ArgumentException: The specified link is not found. Make sure that you are using the complete resource.(You can get the complete resource by getting it from the SelfRelation)

    I see that some resource of the document are null including AnnotationRelationLink, how  can I get the complete resource?


  • RE: Date value in workflow is incorrect

    Apparently this is a bug in Workflow Manager test feature, workflow works fine with real data.

  • Date value in workflow is incorrect

    When I assign a index field value of type Date to a Workflow variable, the result value is incorrect, for example:
    index filed value = 11/15/2020
    Workflow global variable = 01/16/0001

    Note that date format here is MM/dd/yyyy, I tried changing the date format but still the results is the same.

    What could be the problem here?