• RE: Presentation download fails

    Yes, i had the same problem yesterday.
  • RE: Mobile App - Upload Problem

    Hi Simon,
    thank you for your answer. Is the latest version of the app not yet published? The customer information from 02.10. describes that this should be possible.


    Greetings, Tobias Schmidt

    Edit: It could be found that the problem obviously only occurs when documents from the IPhone Mail App are stored. The error does not occur from Dropbox or OneDrive. Is this error known?

  • Mobile App - Upload Problem


    a customer of ours has a problem with the mobile app. Every time, when for examplePDFs are to be uploaded from the phone to a basket, the error appears in the image in the attachment.
    The connection to the app is made via SSL with an officially siginated certificate. The error occurs independently of user and phone.

    With best regards Tobias Schmidt