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    OK So I figured out enabling a user so I can manage him/her.  Now I'm dropping the scans into folders on my relay server.  They are picked up by DocuWare but where do they go?
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    Thats is the actual goal yes.<br> I want to setup exactly that, the scan/drop folders that receive the scans from the MFP are on a server in the office and using the app I can upload any files that land in them to the users inboxes in Docuware.<br> <br> I want to do that centrally for all the users though.&nbsp; Not set up the app on each users PC.&nbsp; I want to manage them all from a single app install on the server.<br> <br> I know its possible but how?<br> I am full admin in Docuware so how do configure the users so I can manage for them?
  • Scan to directly Inbox

    How do multiple users scan directly to their own Document Tray from a Ricoh MFP

    I understand their is a client app that will monitor hot folders and sync the scan from a local server location up to the Docuware user folder

    Pointers please?