• Split Multiple Attachments in a Form

    Use Case: We have created a web form Basic where a user will be selecting set of documents that are getting attached to the form using check box . Example 1. Resume. 2 Application Form 3. Proof of Payment 4 Medical Report and so on.  Let us assume that the user selects Resume and Application Form . Using behaviour i have created two attachments dialogs saying attach Resume and attach Application Form. Actual goal is to store each attachment as individual documents like First Document type index will be Resume and the Second Document Type index is Application Form Rest of the index would be common to both the documents.  Since Docuware currently doesn't stores separate attachments in forms. As a work around i had created a merge form (using blank page) such a way each attachment is link with Each Merge Form.  The challenges i am currently facing is that if i have 4 attachments i need to create 4 merge forms so that i can split them as 4 different documents which is still fine. In my use case as explained.  If the user has selected only two options instead of all the four options.  Once the user submits the form. Four Documents are created since i have used four merge forms.  My Question to community . 1. To my best knowledge it is not possible to set in form such a way that submit only merge forms which has attachments., if this is not possible then is it possible to create a work flow to delete the file which does not have attachments without creating API.  Secondly Is it possible to delete the first page of the Document stored which is a blank PDF in my case.

    Any Suggestion are really appreciated


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    Dear Gerardo & Simon,

    Thanks for your support. I managed to get my workflow working.  The challenge I had in Filter () when a user selects more than one options.

    Example: - When Payments & Biodata are selected the filter () doesn't work. 

    I had to create a Global variable Tempdata type text. Create Global Variable Var_Checklist type keyword.
    I had captured user options in Dialog as keyword field type.  Assign it to Global Variable Var_Checklist. 

    I had to check number of records in Var_Checklist options added by user using count () then read first record move it out to Tempdata text field then run the filter function Filter (DW_CHECKLIST,tempdata,false) update checklist. Then loop until all the records are read and updated.
    As mentioned, the Main workflow will loop until all the mandatory attachments are received.

    Finally managed to figure this out.  Thanks for your support.
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    Dear Simon,<br> Thanks for the response.&#160; I would appreciate if you could provide the syntax.&#160; I am not very familiar with strings.filter(). Example let's assume the keyword field is called Checklist. currently it contain (Application&#160; Biodata Transfer_form payment)&#160; and the receptionist have received Payment. So the arithmetic expression should remove payment and checklist should contain (Application&#160; Biodata transfer_form)<br> <br> BR<br> <br> Jagan

  • Workflow Design / Task

    Use case.
    Application Forms are received and are stored into FC by receptionist.  Workflow triggers once the documents are stored.  The Staff has a checklist of Required documents along with application form. 

    Let's say we need to get 7 pre-requisite documents along with the application. But the user has not submitted all of them.  The receptionist has added the missing documents list to a Keyword field let's call it as Missing Documents during the time of storing.

    Example in this case 5 Documents are missing .  I had created a select list of the missing documents using keyword field and used the same to populate in the workflow task. so that approving staff know exactly which documents are needed when they receive the missing documents. They can clip the received document and selected the type of document received from the list which i had created by matching the DocID. Let's assume 2 more documents are missing.

    Now I would like to get guidance's on the way forward.  Remove the received document from the Missing Document Keyword field. I would like to workflow to loop until all the documents are received from the users . later another workflow takes over.

    How can i remove or delete the record from the keyword field in workflow task. 

    Does anyone know of a way or better approach to the problem?

    Many Thanks in advance
  • RE: Getting Document URL in a Workflow

    Dear Simon,<br> <br> Thanks for your swift response. It worked as a charm.&#160;<br> On a different Note. If want to copy this document from the current file cabinet with index values to another file cabinet (Which has the exact structure) can this be achieved using a workflow? Currently i am using&#160;Transfer feature.<br> <br> Regards<br> Jagan
  • Getting Document URL in a Workflow

    Hi,<br> <br> I have a use case. We are using Docuware Form to request Read access to a particular document for short time. Once the Docuware form is submitted a workflow is trigged and using several check points we are able to identify the DOCID of the document which we are looking .Now to extend the workflow to the approvers we would like to pass a URL for the document through Notification Email in the same workflow so that the approve can click on the link to look at the document which the user is request to read access.&#160; I need some suggestions how we can get the URL for the Document which was identified in previous step so that the approver view the document before approving.&#160;&#160;<br> <br> Example of Use case:<br> User A need to view a particular Invoice Number from a Vendor. So, he fills in the details in Docuware Form with necessary justification why he needs to view this invoice. It moves to several workflow process. During each approver stage i want the approvers to view this invoice before they approve.<br> Looking forward to here from the community if there is a better way to get this done.<br> <br> Best Regards<br> Jagan