• RE: REST API : Document searches by fields

    I do exactly the same thing as you

    I encounter the same errors as you use the query parameter

    The lack of reliable documentation is really detrimental to the integration of a professional software package

    we are close to amateurism :(

  • RE: REST API : Document searches by fields

    Thank you very much for your help

    I managed to search for my documents with « DialodExpression » like you

    I wonder if the API "queryDocuments" is really made to perform searches ...

    There are no fields to specify values ​​in the POST input :(

  • REST API : Document searches by fields

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for help to invoke a Docuware REST API method named « queryDocuments » to perform document searches by fields

    The service signature is :


    What is the format of the {q} parameter during a GET call ?

    What is the description of the "ResultSet Query" object during a POST call ?

    Would anyone have an example of using this method ? The documentation is really very poor :(