• I guess my question is then,

    I guess my question is then, Why is this feature in the UI if it doesn't work?  It has all the UI pieces to work properly, and could be implemented by Docuware looking at the filter criteria for each line as it processes it, then trying to find a match if the filter criteria are met.  It would slow down the process a bit maybe, but that would be understandable.

  • External Data Connection Filter

    I have an AutoIndex workflow using a file connection (Comma Separated) as the external data source setup.  I'm trying to add a filter to only use the lines that have a Y in the "Active" field in the file connection.  When I set Filter to External Data Source to Records Filter and set the Active field to = Y, I get an error message: Conditions in fiter are not correct! Please correct them or remove the filter!  I've tried all sorts of variations, but I cannot get it to accept any filters.  Has anyone been successful with this?

    All these attempts throw the same error (comma separated by Field in admin: Entry Type, Operator, Fixed/Predefined Entry):

    • Predefined entry, =, Empty
    • Predefined Entry, StartsWith, CurrentUserName
    • Fixed Entry, =, Y
    • Fixed Entry, =, "Y"
    • Fixed Entry, <>, "Y"

    The fields do look like they are grayed out, but it still populates the columns from the file, and lets me set requirements.  Is it not possible to filter by field in files?

    I am using Docuware 6.10