• Installing desktop apps without elevation or as common apps to an OS image

    We operate in a restricted VDI environment where users are assigned new virtual desktops upon each login. We have had extreme difficulty installing the Desktop apps. There are two scenarios, but neither works for us.<br> <br> Scenario one (probably the best) is for us to install the desktop apps on our base image, and then have the end user connect. This does not seem to work. The user is continually prompted to install the apps even though they are installed, and the services show in the task list.<br> <br> Scenario two is one where the apps is installed in the user space. Common apps like our telephone system (3CX), Signal Messenger, and WhatsApp work well this way. The application is installed at the user level, and the program runs from the user's profile, and not from the Operating system (which NONE of our users are able to elevate).<br> <br> &#160;A separate thread regarding Linux compatibility is someplace else on this board. Considering it is possible to code Windows 95 to run in HTML5, I see these apps as vestigial.