• Cannot view or edit Import jobs created by another user

    Is it possible to view/edit import jobs created by another admin/user? If so how can that be accomplished.  Thanks you!

  • New error

    Now when Attempting to upload the user gets a Docuware Scanner error -Document preperation for upload  failed. Please refer to the logs for details.

  • Desktop Apps Scanning

    I have a single user that, when she attempts to scan a document it could take up to 2 minutes before the document shows up in the import configuration:inbox, or it may not show up at all.  The other personnel in her office are set-up identically and do not have this issue.


    Any advice would be grateful.  Thank you!

  • Phil,


    We believe he clicked on the link.  Thanks again!

  • Expired Workflow link.


        The user does not know how to set out of office in docuware, yet.  We have not started to use the subsitution list just yet; however we are in the process of doing so.  As far as I know no one acted on the task.  I will double check.

  • Email Link "Expire"

    I have a user that is in the approval workflow.  They were gone on vacation for one week and then the following week for training.  When they returned and clicked on the link in the email it popped up a box and said the link was expired.  I have looked through the workflow and am unable to pin point the issue or how to make changes to this.  We are also in the process to have alternate executives be allowed to sign for them; however I wold still like to see where we can change, if possible, when things expire in the approval process.


    Thank you!

  • Restricting users

    Thank you for the quick response.  We already have the database for our employees and docuware users are sync'd with ldap.  The part we haven't figured out yet is the SQL query to create the filter.  Thanks again.

  • Restrict a user to see only their Employee file

    Is there a way to restrict a user to see only their personnel file?  In other words based on the current user when they select Personnel Files in the search document type their employee number is auto populated and they cannot change it so they only see their own personnel file.

    Thank you!