• RE: Dropping Unwanted Characters from DW Import OCR Strings

    Hello Patrick

    there is one trick that might help you in doing this:

    In DocuWare Import you can define a "separator" within a textstring and only use  a part of this string. For example if you have the number 123-456-789 you define  "-"  as a separator and then use one of the parts of the string as indexterm. If you do this for every segment you can use the number without hyphens.
    Note: this is only working correctly if the number of separators will be the same for all documents.
    Please see attached screenshots to have  abetter understanding of this function. In the screenshot I connected a text zone three times to an indexfield and each connection (click on edit icon within the Text content of the index field) is defined so that just one part between the separators are used. (Click on select text-> Between separator and define the separator and position)
    In this example the textentry in the file cabinet will not be 201/113/40209 but 20111340209

    I know this function is not really straightforward for your use case and you also asked about SQL scripts. But I thought this information might help you in any way to set up your system as desired.

    Best regards

    Christian Prantl
    Senior Manager Product
  • Hallo Herr Zebedies,

    Hallo Herr Zebedies,

    vielen Dank für Ihren Input und die zahlreichen Ideen. Was die Importfunktionalität insbesondere in Serverumgebungen betrifft, werden wir in DocuWare Version 7 keine Anpassungen vornehmen können. Die von Ihnen und Herrn Löffler genannten Punkte inklusive Logging und Benachrichtigungen für den Administrator sind aber bereits in Diskussion.
    Im Moment liegt der Fokus jedoch auf andere Teilbereiche der Software, weswegen ich hier leider noch keinen genauere Angaben zur weiteren Entwicklung der serverseitigen Ablage geben kann.

    Beste Grüße

    Christian Prantl