• Thanks.  I will try that out.

    Thanks.  I will try that out.     I did make the user a local admin.  Got used to that from using the older versions of DocuWare when the users had to use Tiffmaker.  :-) 

  • DW 6.6 Printer and Windows 10

    Some of staff have been getting upgraded on Windows 10 PCs.   When I installed the DocuWare Printer (6.6), the printer does not show up as an option in the print window.   There was a zipped file that  I kept as a fix when this issue first occurred late last year.  Today I used it to add the two missing dll files and the DocuWare Printer still does not get added as a print option when the user opens email attachments.   I tested my own PC  (I don't use the DocuWare Printer normally) and it installed with no problem.  My version is Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.17134 Build 17134

  • Multiple trays created in DW 6.6 - need to trace source

    Docuware 6.6 has the option when a tray is created to create either a single tray or to create many trays for all users.  Unfortunately, someone used the later option.  Is there a way to find out who did it.   I don't see these trays when I am logged in a system admin or as myself.   I can see the folders created on the server - about 146 of them.   I would like to be able to assign them to the sys admin and get rid of them.