• Calculating Purchase Order Totals in a Workflow

    We have a use case where a customer wants to store an invoice, and associated purchase orders in a keyword field type.<br> <br> We are struggling to find a way, via workflow, to look at the Purchase Order's associated with an invoice, whether that's one or ten, and tally up the Purchase Order Amounts to compare to the Invoice Amount.<br> <br> I imagine there's a way to query the Purchase Order Keyword field, step through the list of PO #'s and add the PO amount associated with each to a global variable and loop until it gets to the end of the keyword list.&#160;<br> <br> Any ideas would be appreciated.
  • Multiple date formats in a single store dialog

    I have a use case where a US company is scanning records from Mexico which uses the format DD/MM/YYYY, but also needs to store date fields in the MM/DD/YYYY format.&#160;<br> <br> As I understand it, the date format is set by the language settings of the OS, but that limits me to either one date format or the other.&#160;<br> <br> Does anyone know of a way to configure different date formats in a single store dialog to accommodate this?