• Cloud Storage Needs Replenishing Very Often


    One of our cloud customers keeps on running out of storage space, and needing to purchase more.
    They purchased 5GB in end of May, and another 5GB in August.  When I checked the number of stored documents, it showed 350,795 documents using 95% (90.99 GB of 95 GB).  If you divide the number of documents over the total space used, you would get an average of 3.81MB per document.  Does this sound right to you?

    MFP's scanner is set to use SlimPDF with colour.  Average PDF file is a couple hundred kilobytes.  How can I check what is the resolution on DocuWare Printer?  What is your customers' average document size?

    Any feedback is welcomed.

    Thank you
  • Upgrade DW Internal MySQL

    Good day!

    Has anyone upgraded DW internal MySQL to the latest version available?
    If yes, could you please share your experience and let us know if you had any problems and how you carried out the upgrade.

    Thank you!
  • Oracle MySQL Security Patches

    Hello folks,

    Did anyone apply Oracle security patches to DW 7.0 internal MySQL database?
    If yes, please share your feedback on any issues experienced or application behaviour changes encountered afterwards.

    I am evaluating whether to apply these patches and would like to have an idea of what to expect.

    Thank you!
  • RE: Moving Documents to another Cabinet with Indexes

    Thank you Joe & Jon for your quick reply.  I was not familiar with this new Document Storage - Transfer feature, but it looks very promising.
    Will give it a try...

    Thanks again!
  • Moving Documents to another Cabinet with Indexes


    I was asked to move "old" documents into a new cabinet for archival purposes, keeping active documents only.
    In addition, the documents need to move with their  metadata (indexes) so they do not need to be re-indexed.

    Current Setup:
    - DW 7 on Premise.
    - Database: MySQL
    - Thousands of documents to move

    1. Is this possible?
    2. If yes, what is the easiest way to complete with minimal user error i.e leaving docs behind, or moving wrong docs.

    Thank you! 
  • Filter Index Values



    My customer needs the ability to use a different set of index values when users store or search documents, based on their permissions level, or roles.

    For example, HR team can use index values that the Administration team should not be ablt to see or use, however, both teams need access to the same cabinet even though not at the same level of details.

    I know I can create different store and search dialogs, but I heard there is a new way called Index Value Profiles.

    Does this do what I am looking for? If not, what is the best way to filter indexes without creating several dialogs?

    Thank you!


  • Hi Chris,

    Hi Chris,

    I agree, it is difficult to gauge, however, there must be an absolute minimum that is required to properly utilize the system.

    Just like we have minimum system requirements for on premise installs, we should have the same for cloud DW.  This would serve as a separation line between client infrastructure limitations, and the cloud performance.  Without such guidelines, each ADP would be forced to come up with his own requirements.

  • Cloud Internet Speed Requirements


    Are there any guidelines on minimum Downstream/Upstream internet speed requirements for customers who are using the cloud?

    I have a customer with 15 users, and I suspect they will have performance issues once the system is fully utilized.

    Any insights are appreciated.