• RE: Fill area of a document

    In order to have Forms integrate with your Workflow, the Merge form needs to be set to Fillable PDF from the Merge form designer. Daniel did this initially, setup his fill areas, then changed the form to Flattened PDF. Unfortunately this removed the Form from the workflow, causing all of the fill areas to be removed.

    Daniel has since changed this form back to Fillable, and resolved the issue.
  • Hello Bernie,

    Hello Bernie,

    Signature images are embedded in an XML file within the database. It's possible that the SQL upgrader didn't handle these properly, resulting in the image just dissapearing.
    I'd recommend trying to re-apply the image in the Administrator Tool. This can be done by signing into the Administrator Tool, locating the affected bitmap stamp, and selecting the '...' symbol on the Bitmap portion. I've attached an image of this as well.


    Thank you,

    Rob Lossow
    Software Support Analyst
    Team GREEN Americas