• RE: (Using Platform Services) Can a document be downloaded WITH its stamps included?

    Thanks so much for getting on this. Your answer helped explain part of my problem and I was able to solve the other part that I caused myself. In fact, now I wish I could rename the title of this post because the title will describe the issue backwards. Let me explain what I found... I am going to keep the concept of STAMP and ANNOTATION separate by capitalizing them.

    First, it is ALWAYS possible to "download document WITH its STAMPS included". STAMPS always come over with the document when downloaded from Platform Services in any setting. My problem here was that I was not directly outputting the returned stream to a file. I had several process that determine the returned format of the result and transform them appropriately (unzip, convert image to pdf, etc). The last part of my process is that I merge the returned results into a single result and that is where I was losing the STAMPS. Thus, it is also possible to "download document WITHOUT its STAMPS included" by not flattening the file prior to merge ... as I proved accidentally.

    Second, it is as you showed possible to "download document WITH its ANNOTATIONS included" by going thru the process you prescribe. Set you "TargetFIleType" to "FileDownloadType.PDF", not "FileDownloadType.Auto" and set the "KeepAnnotations" to "true". One can turn ANNOTATIONS on and off in this way ... but one CANNOT turn off STAMPS this way. I was already using the PDF setting because otherwise my conversion process fails later on. 

    Sorry for all the capitalizations, but I hope this post helps some folks out there.

    Joe.. thanks again for your help,
    Danny Davidson
  • (Using Platform Services) Can a document be downloaded WITH its stamps included?

    Using Platform Services, can a document be downloaded WITH its stamps included (such as you would by opening the Web Client and selecting download -- any format there would include stamps)? I am fluent in using Platform Services to download documents and have configured "KeepAnnotations" to "true", but this question is about Stamps, not Annotations. There is no mention of this that I can find in the Platform Services documentation. In fact, not much mention of Stamps except in the direction of Stamping documents, not viewing those stamps. I was hoping there was, perhaps, a property of the FileDownload object --- but could not find one. Client is using DW version 6.11, but I would be interested in answers in more recent versions also.