• Write to an external calendar from DocuWare

    Has anyone successfully written data from Docuware to an external calendar? I am looking to see how i could take a data entry in Docuware and essentially send a calendar invitation to an email address.

    Im assuming it would be with a web service of some other SDK means.

  • RE: Attached documents in Web Forms

    Sadly, the answer is that it cannot yet be done. i hope this is addressed in a future release.
  • Attached documents in Web Forms

    Is there a way to automatically split out multiple attached documents in a web form?

     I have an internal web form that users attach 3 different document type to, however they all come in a a single clipped document. I can manually go in and split them up, however this defeats the automated aspect of using the forms.


  • Multiple email recipients in a workflow

    I have a workflow that sends an email based in the value of a field. For some values, i need to send the email to multiple people. The people are outside of my org. Any idea of how to do this? 

    Example - Value is Acme
    Send email to 3 people
  • Error on older install

    I have an old DW user that had to restore a VM that had gotten corrupted. After the restore, all users can log into the system, but they then get the errors attached.

    Does anyone have any ideas on what may be happening here and how to resolve it?

    Thanks in advance!