• RE: Docuware on Mobile Android

    Dear Neeskens Facciol,

    It seems that the DocuWare-server lost its domain trust, which has to be recreated.
    The best way to do this (after discussing with a colleague of IT) is to drop it from the domain and do a rejoin of the domain.
    Also please check if the machine user is deactivated in the AD.

    A short background WebClient<>Mobile:
    Both use the same connection details, but Mobile catches more errors because of less possible trust settings.
    Therefore the error that is displayed in the WebClient is the same that cancels out the Mobile login and has to be fixed.

    As this is not connected with DocuWare itself but more with the hardware/networking side of the customer i'd like you to ask the respective IT about this issue.
    A quick google search showed up multiple ways to do this, one of the first was:

    Please keep in mind: As i cannot test this myself i cannot recommand any way above another!

    With best regards, 

    Dominik Bittner

    Junior Software Support Specialist Team Purple EMEA

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  • RE: Document Trays

    Dear Glen Hodkinson.
    Sadly we did not recieve any feedback on the Support Request and therefore cannot offer any troubleshooting or problem solving.
    As the issue occurs some time and solves itself after an undefined amount of time i would suggest checking if some external select lists in the store dialog, which were unresolvable at the time of the Import job.
    With Best Regards,
    Dominik Bittner
    Jr. Software Support Specialist
  • RE: SMART CONNECT Button geht nicht weg

    Der Button erscheint sporadisch bei Pop-Ups im Programm.
    Da es sich hierbei um eine Art "embeded system" handelt werden zwar einzelne Fenster erstellt mit eigenem Namen, jedoch ohne explizite Windows-Zuweisung.
    Somit ist die Erkennung des Fensternamens erschwert. Zusätzlich muss "OCR" als Erkennungsmethode genutzt werden auf Grund der Programmeinschränkungen.
    Dadurch wird auf dem gesamten Bildschirm nach dem Fensternamen gesucht und Pop-Ups lösen dies aus.
    Sobald das PopUp verschwindet, verschwindet der Button auch wieder.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Dominik Bittner
    Software Support Technician