• Can "greater than" be used with date fields?

    I am attempting to use the Modification Date system field to advance a "Wait for Event" activity in a workflow. When the workflow begins, I assign the current Modification Date to a GV. The Wait for Event activity is watching for index entry changes and is triggered if the Modification Date system index field is <greater than> the value originally assigned to the earlier referenced GV. I have verified that the Modification Date index field is indeed later than the GV value after clipping another document to the original document, but the Wait for Event activity never advances. I have verified that the date format of both is the same (Date/Time), so I can only surmise that <greater than> cannot be used with date/time fields?
  • Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel (self-signed certificate)

    I have just upgraded an on-prem client to DW7.7 in preparation for a migration to DW Cloud. I am using a self-signed certificate since this server will only be online for a matter of days. When attempting to export file cabinet settings I get an Oops! 500 error that says "Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel with authority '<servername>' ". I have tried importing the certificate into the Trusted Root Certification Authorities on both Chrome and Firefox but to no avail. Any further suggestions?
  • DocuWareModule in make.com

    Can anyone give me guidance on pulling index data with the DocuWare module in make.com? I am trying to put the contents of an index field into a Slack text message but can't figure out what block or code to drop into the text editor. The attached picture represents my best guess but it is not working.
  • DW Cloud Document Ingestion

    I am looking for the best way to allow a scanning facility to upload documents and index data into DW Cloud. The scanning facility has the ability to generate DW Control files from their capture software, or they can generate a CSV with index information for all the files in a set. My first thought was to have them send each file with an identically named dwcontrol file to the FTP site but I have not found a way to index using the dwcontrol file in that scenario. Any suggestions?