• RE: There is no access on the configured external directory!

    Problem is fixed. Port 9002 must be open and I used type LDAP configuration. 
  • There is no access on the configured external directory!

    Hello, I have an issue where the External User Directories connection fails with the error "There is no access on the configured external directory!". This error occurs after the DC info is configured under Docuware System -> External User Directory -> Create New External User Directory, then settings are applied and Test Configuration is pressed. I have tried writing the Domain in all possible ways, configuring different DCs by DNS or IP, trying with different usernames and nothing seems to work. I am using General -> Type: Windows. 

    Any idea why this message appears? I've done AD connections with other programs without issues. 
  • WebClient Hangs

    Looking for a way to pinpoint what is causing our Docuware installation to constantly hang the WebClient. We are running version 7 (Build: on Windows Server 2012 R2 with all the latest windows updates installed. This has been happening since version 6 and before upgrading to the latest windows updates. When the WebClient hangs one of two things happen:

    1) Login screen is poorly formatted (missing colors and not loading regular fonts). We usually use Windows login and when it is hanged that screen presents additional fields like the page is not updating the fields based on what is selected on the dropdown. Usually a restart to IIS fixes the login screen issues.

    2) The login screen works, but once you click login, the next page remains completely blank. This usually requires a restart of the complete server. Restarting IIS will not fix this issue and this might happen after fixing the previous scenario.

    Sometimes to fix the login issues I have to restart both IIS and the server. 

    Any idea of what could be causing this issue? Is there any log I can take a look at that might give me additional information? I verified the Windows Event Log and there doesn't seem any errors correlating to the webClient issues.