• Error opening the lock file

    I have a moved our Fortis environment to a new server using the move procedure documented on this website.  When i launch View Station, i sometimes get this error (see attached). I cannot figure out what makes the error occur.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  Any ideas?

    NOTE: I notice similar errors on the other Fortis client products like system admin or database admin.  Different lck file but same message


  • Ricoh support is telling me

    Ricoh support is telling me they don't provide configuration folders.  The support tech is telling me that they aren't setup to do that.  They are telling me i simply need to backup the old server and restore it to the new server.  Does that make sense?  I told them what you told me in the above comments and they said they didn't understand why you would tell me this. 

    Then they sent me the Fortis Move instructions which i already had.  I told them that i just need a configuration folder.  Now they want to send out a professional services rep to our location. I just need a folder.  I think they don't quite understand what i'm trying to do.   Is there anyway DocuWare can either send me this folder directory, or contact Ricoh and help them understand what I'm asking for?  FWIW, i've done this once before when we moved from Windows 2003 to 2008R2.  I can't understand why they are struggling with this request.

  • Thanks Tyler!!

    Thanks Tyler!!

  • Thanks Tyler.  One last

    Thanks Tyler.  One last question.  If we install the demo, but then want to register it later for production use, can we point Fortis to the new configuration folder after the install is completed?  or will we need to start the install over again and provide the new configuration folder at the beginning?

  • Will geting new configuration

    Will geting new configuration files break our old installation?  We are just doing a test run of a move at the moment.  It seems like last time we moved, i just copied my configuration folder over and used that during the new install.  Did i remember that correctly?

  • Moving Fortis question

    I'm moving Fortis to a new server (just the application, the database is on a separate server and staying put).  The move instructions tell me that i first need to install Fortis from scratch on the new server before i move anything over from the old server.  Is that right? If so, when i get to the step that asks for yout to "select your configuration folder", what should i do?  Since it's a new server, there isn't a configuration folder present just yet.  Should i navigate to the configuration folder on my old server? Should i copy the configuration folder from the old server to the new one and then point the install to the copy?  Do i need to ask DocuWare to do something since it's a new server?   NOTE: I have attached a copy of the prompt that i'm stuck at if you want to take a look.


  • Fortis Web Services 6.8 compatible with IIS 8.5/Windows Server 2012r2?

    Does anyone know if Fortis Web Services will run on Windows Server 2012R2 running IIS 8.5?

  • Fortis Upgrade Path

    We are currently running Fortis 2.5 SP6.  I have the downloads for 2.6, 2.7, 2.8 and 6.8.  Is there documentation on how to upgrade to the most current version?  And is 6.8 the most current version?