• RE: REST API Keywords

    Added some more info and screen shots related to the problem.

    Any help is welcome!!
  • REST API Keywords

    Hello ,

    How can I create a entry with the REST API for keyword fields.

    I'm using PHP and have a class FIELDS to add fields

    I define my keywords list like this:

    $keywords = array ("Keyword" => array("Docuware", "Keyword", "test"));

    and add it to the other fields with:

    $dwFields->AddField(new Field('TREFWOORD'      , $keywords , 'Keywords'));

    But I always ending up with one keyword field where this is listed: { "Keyword": [ "Docuware", "Keyword", "test" ] }
    So it will not seperate the items to different lines.

    This is the JSON result for the post to the rest api


    Any ideas how to fix this??



  • RE: Creation of URL integration in PHP

    Hello Romain,

    I asked some help at Docuware , Florian M. was able to help me out.

    The passhrase needs to be utf8 encoded and the hash needs an extra parameter, set to true, needed for raw output 

    $key = utf8_encode('password1234');
    $passphrase = hash('sha512', $key, true);

    Then one more change:
    $encrypted = openssl_encrypt($param, 'aes-256-cbc', $encryption_key, 0, $iv);

    Change the 0 to OPENSSL_RAW_DATA

    $encrypted = openssl_encrypt($param, 'aes-256-cbc', $encryption_key, OPENSSL_RAW_DATA, $iv);

    For me it works now! (-:

    Hope it helps you also!

  • RE: Creation of URL integration in PHP

    Hello Romain,

    With the new update of Docuware 7.2 it no longer allowed to send the credentials only base64 encoded in the URL.
    So I need to use the passphrase also to encode the complete URL.

    Can you give some feedback how your question is answered by the Docuware support Team, or do you have a working solution ?

    Kind regards,