• RE: Upload large files 4G and more to DocuWare

    Thank you very much Leopold.
  • RE: Upload large files 4G and more to DocuWare

    Nobody?  Docuware Support?
  • Upload large files 4G and more to DocuWare

    I need to make a json api which can handle large file uploads. I use PHP as programming lanuage and have created several API's with it.
    In the new API we need there is a chunk mechanisme supported to chop the files in smaller parts.

    I need to use the REST API for this. Uploading documents is no problem but how to support the upload when we have to chunk the document in smaller parts. Is there a way to do this and is there a example (PHP)  available?

    I have seen .NET examples but they are not helpful if you need a REST API sample.


  • RE: REST API Keywords

    Added some more info and screen shots related to the problem.

    Any help is welcome!!
  • REST API Keywords

    Hello ,

    How can I create a entry with the REST API for keyword fields.

    I'm using PHP and have a class FIELDS to add fields

    I define my keywords list like this:

    $keywords = array ("Keyword" => array("Docuware", "Keyword", "test"));

    and add it to the other fields with:

    $dwFields->AddField(new Field('TREFWOORD'      , $keywords , 'Keywords'));

    But I always ending up with one keyword field where this is listed: { "Keyword": [ "Docuware", "Keyword", "test" ] }
    So it will not seperate the items to different lines.

    This is the JSON result for the post to the rest api


    Any ideas how to fix this??



  • RE: Creation of URL integration in PHP

    Hello Romain,

    I asked some help at Docuware , Florian M. was able to help me out.

    The passhrase needs to be utf8 encoded and the hash needs an extra parameter, set to true, needed for raw output 

    $key = utf8_encode('password1234');
    $passphrase = hash('sha512', $key, true);

    Then one more change:
    $encrypted = openssl_encrypt($param, 'aes-256-cbc', $encryption_key, 0, $iv);

    Change the 0 to OPENSSL_RAW_DATA

    $encrypted = openssl_encrypt($param, 'aes-256-cbc', $encryption_key, OPENSSL_RAW_DATA, $iv);

    For me it works now! (-:

    Hope it helps you also!

  • RE: Creation of URL integration in PHP

    Hello Romain,

    With the new update of Docuware 7.2 it no longer allowed to send the credentials only base64 encoded in the URL.
    So I need to use the passphrase also to encode the complete URL.

    Can you give some feedback how your question is answered by the Docuware support Team, or do you have a working solution ?

    Kind regards,