• RE: Docuware API: how to delete ANNOTATIONS ?

    I've got the same question. Do you find any solution?
    Thanks in advance
  • RE: REST API - Logon Issue

    Hi Joe, that's the question.  As you describe in your answer, a login method that returns a list of links is not very intuitive, even worse when the login error leads you to an html form as if the one making the call was a browser. Ignoring this a REST API should be designed to be stateless and the connection should not be persistent.

    The API must be consumer agnostic and in this case it is not. Regarding the login, a token should return and in the rest of the calls this token should be sent by the consumer or, in the worst case, by sending the username and password with each request. There are clients who want to access the API from different programming languages such as PHP or Javascript frameworks and have problems because they have to handle cookies, if they are re-authenticated the user remains inactive producing 401 errors, etc.

    In addiction to this there's not any documentation at all, only the postman examples collection. This makes the API very difficult to deal with.

  • REST API - Logon Issue

    Hi all,
    To use the DW REST API I have to deal with Login Cookies in order to use them for all the REST API calls. IMHO DW must include a standard method to access the API since a REST API consumer can't work a a web browser.

    Are you going to include any improvement to access the REST API like Basic Auth, JWT,etc.?. Maybe there is another way to access the API but i don´t know it and not documentation at all for the API exists. There is a Get Token Example in the Postman Collection but I don't know how to use it. More documentation is neeeded.

    The main problem when I use REST API and I logon and logut several times I get an 401 Unauthorized Exception that makes the API completely unusable.

    Thanks for your support.

    Kind regards
  • API REST for Monitoring Tools

    Hi all,
    Is in DW any API aimed at obtaining information from the system for monitoring tools like Zabbix, Pandora FMS, Netadata, Nagios, etc?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • .NET API DialogExpression Complex Queries

    Hi all,
    I'm using the .NET API and I'm creating queries with dialogexpression and they run well. Now I'd like to mix logic operators (and, or) but I can't find a way to do it. To date I have only been able to join criteria using "and" operator. Does anyone know how these kinds of queries can be performed since the dialogexpression works in this way?

    var query = new DialogExpression()
                        Operation = DialogExpressionOperation.And,
                        Condition = searchCriterias,
                        Count = 100

    Thanks in advance