• Barcodes not always on same page

    Customer is using QR barcodes on printed documents, however, the QR code can occur randomly within the batch of documents. &#160;They are scanning each batch as an individual PDF file...is there a way that DocuWare Barcode can read all the pages scanned and capture the data from the QR Code regardless of what page it shows up on? &#160;If so how...I'm unable to get this to work.<br> <br> Thanks!!
  • Is it possible for a user to View ONLY certain docs in a file cabinet but Edit others?

    Client has a file cabinet where they have 2 locations using the file cabinet (File Cabinet = Billing, Location = Tempe or Memphis).&#160; What the client would like is for us to provide a security profile that allows User from Tempe to be able to &quot;Search, View, Edit, and Store&quot; in the File cabinet Documents where Location = Tempe and &quot;Search, View ONLY&quot; Documents where Location = Memphis.&#160; Then Vice Versa for Memphis and Tempe Documents.&#160; Is this possible to do WITHOUT creating separate file cabinets or dialogs?<br> <br> Thanks!
  • 7.7 Cloud Search Results Page Count...Beware!!!

    <p>&lt;p&gt;So it has come to my attention while doing an On Prem to Cloud Migration in 7.7 that in 7.7 you can no longer do a search in a File Cabinet and find the total # of records without a very painful process.&amp;amp;nbsp; Here's what I was told:</p> <p>"If a number of results are beyond totalCount limit, web clients will not show the exact number of results anymore.&nbsp; Instead a simplified, rounded down number of totalCount limit is used to indicate that more results beyond the upper limit were found&gt;</p> <p></p> <p>Examples:</p> <p>-Limit 10,000:&nbsp; 10K+</p> <p>-Limit 22,193:&nbsp; 22K+</p> <p>-Limit 1,000,000:&nbsp; 1M+</p> <p>-Limit 4,000,000: 4M+</p> <p><strong>The arrow for umping to the last page of results will now point to the "last known page" (based upon upper limit).&nbsp; Advancing further is only possible page by page unitl the very last results are displayed.</strong></p> <p>Representation of upper limit is static for all pages of results:&nbsp; i.e. it does not increase when user navigates to a page containing documents beyond the totalCount limit.</p>
  • RE: Total count of documents in archive

    This doesn't seem to be the case in 7.7 Cloud as when I do a search, it just shows 10k+ and I can't even go to just the last page to see total as it forces me to go from 100 to 101, 102, 103, 104, etc..
  • Local Data Connector Stops working b/c there's an Update.

    Why does Local Data Connector stop working when there is a Desktop App Update??  This is very problematic in that we have many clients using Workflows where information is obtained in the Workflow via the Local Data Connector AND is used to trigger AIX Jobs OR other Workflows.  When this stops working, it really creates an issue b/c you can't just Update Desktop Apps and have the Workflow continue on.  This is turning out to not be a viable solution b/c of the amount of downtime, troubleshooting, and "re-entering" of information due to the Connector not working.  Is there a way that the Updates can automatically be applied b/c no one has time or money to sit and watch Desktop Apps to see when an Update is available.
  • How to lock a document once a specific index field value is met??

    I have a customer that needs to be able to "edit" Word docs they are storing in DocuWare.  However, once the final revision is made (we have a Workflow changing the Status=Final) they want that document locked down so it's View ONLY.  Is there a way to accomplish this WITHOUT having to create a separate file cabinet...if so, how?

  • RE: How to capture Page Count in either an AIX job or Workflow

    Figured it out
  • How to capture Page Count in either an AIX job or Workflow

    I have a customer that wants to setup a condition so that any Invoice scanned is less than 4 pages, it goes to a clerk for review (as their AR invoices should be a minimum of 4 pages).  I initially thought I could at least capture the system field for DWTOTALPAGES in Workflow designer, but appears it's not available which is mind boggling to me why system fields would not be available.  I then though perhaps I could capture it via AutoIndex job....again...I can use DWTOTALPAGES as a match condition, but I cannot use it to populate an index field.  Seems very antiquated that it's not available....does anyone have a workaround or know how you might be able to accomplish this?

  • Using Multi-Column Select List in Forms

    Does anyone know how of if it's possible (and if not, will it be) how to use a Multi-Column select list with Forms.  We have a Form that is being filled out, and once the user fills out the Room #, we want the Resident Name to be filtered so that not all resident names show up but ONLY the resident Name for that Room #.  I know this can be done in DocuWare, but when I try to use it in Forms, it ONLY ever pulls the one column, so the Room # is the ONLY thing that shows up for Resident Name....it's almost like it doesn't support Multi-Column?
  • Using Multi-Column Select List along with Default Select List

    So has anyone figured out a way to utilize Multi-Column Select list along with Default Select List?  Here's my business case:  Client is a financial advisor...so they have documents that belong to more than one name (joint accounts, etc.)...so we created Last Name and First Name to be Keyword fields so they could enter more than one name.  We're using a multi-column select list so when they chose the Last Name...the it filters the FIrst Name so they're not going through an entire list.  The issue is they're always getting new clients, so they need to be able to store a new document and type in a new Last Name and First Name.  However, once they store that document, the next time they go to store the document, that name does not show up b/c it is not in the .csv that the multi-column select list is pulling from.  We're trying to avoid them having to manually manage the select list for every new account...anyone figure out a workaround or is there a configuration I'm missing??