• Search for password protected documents


    Is it possible to search for documents that are password protected documents or have an encrypted attachment?
    I have given the customer instructions on how to remove the password but they can't remember which documents are password protected.

    I have tried to search full text for empty() but just get a 404 but I was not sure this would work as the document is an email with an attached Microsoft Office document.

  • RE: Password protected email attachments

    Thanks Tobias,

    I checked the document out to the tray then unclipped the email and attachment.
    Using edit from the tray opened the document in word.
    Saved the document with the password removed.
    The document uploaded into the tray and I clipped the email and attachment back together.
    I then checked the document into filing cabinet.
    The document could now be viewed within DocuWare.

    Again Thanks Tobias.

  • Password protected email attachments

    Has anyone figured out how to work with password protected documents?
    The documents are imported using the outlook plugin.
    I can check out the documents to the file system. Modify the file to remove the password but I do not have the option to check in the modified document. The only option is to cancel check out. When I do this I get a progress bar but the document is not changed in Docuware.

  • Xerox scan to FTP not working but it works on Ricoh and Kyocera MFDs

    I am trying to set up scan to ftp at a customers site.
    When I scan I am getting an error message "Folder Creation Failure in FTP" code 016-584
    The Xerox creates a folder within the destination folder then creates the document.
    I think the FTP folder in Docuware permissions are blocking this folder from being created.
    If I set up a Ricoh or Kyocera I can scan with no issues.

    Does anyone have a workaround for this issue?