• Workflow Manager

    I have a question about configuring a workflow. Basically what I'm trying to do is if a document is under a certain amount it should go to the department director. I created roles for each department director and assigned a user to the role. In workflow manager I have a task object. The Dialog has field name "Department Director" and type "Role" Then in the same object under "Assign to" I chose "Assign by workflow field" and selected "Department Director"  <<< So far this makes sense to me.

    If the document is over a certain amount it has to go to both the Department Director and the General Manager. I know if I set up a parallel task the user can assign 2 people at the same time. It will go to both of those users. With a parallel task I can only "Assign directly to" and then choose roles that will receive the task. The thing is, the role is determined by what Dialog field the user selected. I can make it to where you have to select a role, but I can't assign the task to the roles selected. I have a role named General manager, so I can select that role and it will go to the general manager just fine. But selecting the correct department director determines which role was selected in the dialog. Hopefully this makes sense and if someone has a resolution for me that would be great. P.S. I'm super new to Docuware and I've been reading through the knowledge base for days and it doesn't quite explain this issue. 

    Thank you!