• RE: Does Intelligent Indexing need space to storage data ?

    Is there someone ?

    I've found out no documentation about this folder used by Intelligent Indexing, I may be wrong if anyone would have any clue ?

  • Does Intelligent Indexing need space to storage data ?


    I have a client with a dedicated server form hosting the intelligent indexing service
    He is surprised that this server has to storage some growing data in folders called "A2D3", "73C1", etc..., stored at :

    In 3 years it is now 97Go, looks like some metadata or leftovers of Intelligent Indexing treatments.

    Question :
    - What is the purpose of this data ?
    - What are the consequences (if any) if we dispose of them all ?
    - Is it ok to purge it ? At least partially ?

    Thank you for reading and if you have any clue about that, we shall be grateful !
    Daniel for Xelians
  • RE: Some parts of some messages are not translated from English (to french)

    Thank you Simon for your insight.

    For this situation we will open a support ticket, the array of people using the DocuWare's Application is that some users are not used to computing or foreign languages (like English), and this customer got some difficulties because of that.

    Thank you a lot and have a nice day ! :)
  • RE: Some parts of some messages are not translated from English (to french)

    The 2 captures to visualize a bit better
  • Some parts of some messages are not translated from English (to french)

    Hello DocuWare Community, this is a light problem, but a problem still for some of our non-english speaker client :

    I do have a situation about the language of some messages :

    Situation :
    -    Some parts of some messages in Docuware are in English, instead of full French (the version is 7.5)
    (Ignore the reason of the error messages, our point is only about the language)

    Expected result :
    -    To have all the parts of the messages in French, and not in French with some parts in English

    Context :
    -    The client has his computer’s region settings in French (we know that it affects the language)
    -    The client has his “organization settings” in English. We thought it would be the answer, but they made a test with the organization setting in French, it didn’t change those particular parts of those messages
    -    In our own tests we didn’t find more clues about how to change those language parts

    Questions :
    -    Would you have an answer about those little parts of messages that stay in English ? If its only settings, or maybe there may be some hard code in there ?
    -    If it may be changed by settings on local computer (or other), could you give us an exhaustive list of places to look out for parameters ? (We tried out : - Regional Setting – Organisation Settings – DocuWare web application configuration settings)

    Elements :
    -    In picture 1,  you can see the title of the message that is in French (it means “Restauration of document by the user ‘8c148f26-xxxxx…’ ”, while the other part is in English
    -    In picture 2, you could read the content of the message that is in English “Index profile right “Search” restricts the operation for user “Blandine.m” and document(s) (31062) ”, this one appears when the user is stocking a document in an operation, at the end, he has this message (because he has restrictions and that is normal, just the English part is not expected)

    Thank you a lot for your consideration

  • RE: Being hindered by "lost connection" notifications while being offline


    Don't worry I was not sarcastic, it's a good answer.

    What was not obvious, was the case a user would be in a construction zone with a random connectivity and would be hindered while trying to use DocuWare in such an environnement.

    But in that case, the answer would be that they use the application while in a place where they could work.

    Thank you still for your extra information about the application not intended to manage such a situation, so I could answer the user if he insists into having less alerts.

    Have a good week end !
  • RE: Being hindered by "lost connection" notifications while being offline

    Hello Michael,

    Well that sounds awfully obvious.

    Thank you for your insight and have a nice day !
  • Being hindered by "lost connection" notifications while being offline

    Hello Community,

    I am coming to you with a situation :

    - I have a client with users who are in mobility (they have to move on sites to sites, physically)
    - This implies that they have a lost in internet connectivity, and may be offline for a while
    - In this situation, they do receive numerous DocuWare notifications/messages that the service couldn't "No connection to the Platform!", or that "Host unknown" (see for screenshots)

    The problem :
    - These users, in this offline situation, are spammed with those notifications/messages
    - The spam is really annoying to them, it occurs every 30s/1minute and is hindering them in their work on their computer

    The question :
    - Is there any mean to reduce the rate of those notifications ? Or maybe even a way to stop them temporarily in such a situation ?

    My client is using DocuWare 7.5

    Thank you if you could have an answer on that, I couldn't find a thing about this for the version 7.5