• Thank you

    Thank you Josef for your prompt reply.  Discussed with Network Admin who had previously run Docuware ( years ago ) and oversaw the server upgrade a couple of years back.  He found the installers and installed/configured.  Problem is solved.  Your reply will be shared with him and archived for future reference.  Appreciate you taking the time to contemplate the issue and reply.  Have a great day! 

  • Docuware Administration Desktop install

    Recently upgraded desktop OS to Win 10.  Reinstalled Docuware Desktop Apps.  Don't have an option to install Desktop Administration software.  This is not a cloud environment, servers are local.  

    Is there some place to download the Administration piece of this software to install on local computer?  Found a support document which noted the cloud solution has the option, however same option doesn't appear to apply here.  Help!

    Gil Baca

    Docuware v6 (Build: