• RE: webservices uploading a 50mb file

    The easy upload fixed my issue.

    I found an IIS setting, #2 in:

    Is there more overhead when using EasyUploadSingleDocument vs UploadDocument
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    I found an upload with chunks function, but wasn't sure what the setting for the chunk size, kb or mb. or just b.

    I also found:
    https://support.docuware.com/en-us/knowledgebase/article/KBA-35482 but the setting mentioned isn't in the web.config.

    will give the EasyUploadSingleDocument a try.

    I'm coding in vb.net, but I can convert the code above to vb
  • webservices uploading a 50mb file

    Is there a setting I need to change when uploading a large file?

    When the file reaches 50mb, webservices uploaddocument function throws an exception 404 not found
  • RE: .net upload api

    Right about the subset of fields. I think there is a property for hidden fields, so I will have to double check.

    Thank you for the warning!
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    yeah, I did something like that to get the index fields.

    I think another way that I found is 
    fields = filecabinet.GetDialogFromCustomSearchRelation().Fields
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    Dim sc = ServiceConnection = ServiceConnection.Create(uri, "dwadmin", "admin", organization:="test")

    Dim org as Organization  = sc.Organizations(0)
    Dim filecabinets as As List(Of FileCabinet)= org.GetFileCabinetsFromFilecabinetsRelation().FileCabinet
    Dim fc As FileCabinet
    Dim fcField As List(Of FileCabinetField)

    For Each fc In filecabinets
                Console.WriteLine("You have access to the file cabinet: " & fc.Name)

                fcField = fc.Fields
                Console.WriteLine("fcField.Count " & fcField.Count)
                If fc.Name = "KTM Sandbox" Then
                    Exit For
                End If

    all the fcField.Counts above are zero

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  • RE: .net upload api

    Is there any sample code how to get the FileCabinetField object?

    I don't see that in the list of properties for the FileCabinet class.

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    I was able to upload a doc and set an index field because I know what index field to use.

    Is it programmatically possible to find out what the index fields are for a filecabinet?

    The Fields property for my Filecabinets are 0.
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    I see it now, looks like I was missing something :)