• Forms tab - sorting

    Is there a way to set a default sort on the new Forms tab in DW 7.3?  I would like them sorted by the Name column to make things easier to find.
  • DocuWare uses GMT time in a List Dialog

    I have a list dialog setup on one of our cabinets where the criteria used is:

    Store Date – Is (where clause) – CURRENT_DAY() .

    This works fine and dandy until 4:00PM each day. At 4:00PM PST, it is midnight GMT time. So anything meeting the criteria doesn’t show up until tomorrow in the List.

    Do you know of a way to fix this?

  • RE: Split Posting table field in workflow

    I think I have this figured out.  I can't write the table field data in the workflow back to the table field in the cabinet, but I can write columns of the table data to index items or workflow variables using an arithmetic expression.

    I think I fixed the other issue also by not requiring any columns in the table field for the store dialog I was using.

  • Split Posting table field in workflow

    In v7.1, I have a table field setup and I've added it to a workflow task.  It shows up and I can enter data into it.  However, I can't figure out how to save that data anywhere.  On the Assign Data tab, I don't see any way to assign the data from the table field to the table field in the cabinet, or to a global workflow variable.  Because of this, I can't figure a way to then assign the next step to a department, since department is a column in the table field. 

    Also, in web client, if I choose to store a document and enter data in the table field, if I accidentally add a new line to it, it requires that I enter data for that line (yes, I have some mandatory fields).  I cannot find a way to remove a line that was accidentally added.

    Can you help me move forward with my workflow?
  • Locking a document so it can't be changed

    Is there a way to lock a document so it cannot be changed?  Once things are finished for the current year, they want them locked down.  They want to reference them in future years, but don't want to accidentally change the prior year item.

    The only option I've found is to have an index field for documents we want locked.  Create an autoindex to populate the field.  Then create a permission profile that is an index value type, and don't give that profile permission to edit or annotate the document.

    Is there anything simpler than this?  Any other ways to do it?
  • RE: Move a v7 DocuWare system to a new server

    If I want to move AND upgrade DocuWare, what is the advice on the order to do this?

    I would be upgrading from v6.12 to v7.1.  My database is on a separate SQL server.  I want to end up with DocuWare on a new server.

    Can this be done at the same time, or should I move, then upgrade, or upgrade, then move?

  • Thank you!

    Thank you!

  • Can we force Windows account login

    Can we force Windows account login and not allow DocuWare account login to the web client?  I found where we can use a different URL with ntlm in it to automatically use the Windows Login, but once logged in, if you logout, you are then able to choose DocuWare account to login.  Is there a way to remove that option?

    We have a compliance issue we are trying to resolve.  Our staff are now required to change passwords every 90 days to meet the compliance regulation.  Currently they login with the Windows account login and most don't even know their DocuWare password.  If we could require Windows Login, then we don't need to make them change their DocuWare password.  Otherwise, we'll have to force them to change a password they never use and don't even know, every 90 days.

    I guess that leads to another question.  If their DocuWare password expires after 90 days, can they still login using the Windows account, even without changing their DocuWare password?  Or does that password expiration actually lock the account?  That leads to another thought, if we turn on secure passwords, does that then become the only login option, and they cannot use the windows account login?

  • Print job processes but doesn't delete from jobs folder

    I have a certain DocuWare Printer job setup that after being processed correctly, never removes the folder and files from the Jobs directory.  I have numerous other Printer jobs setup which all clear from the Jobs directory after processing, but this particular one does not.

    It is not creating an issue, it is just strange behavior.  I have tried clearing the Jobs folder, deleting the SDF file, and restarting the services, with no change to the behavior.  It is probably my most complex Printer job, and is used sometimes frequently, so files can add up in the Jobs folder.

  • SQL 2017

    Will DW 6.12 or 7 be compatible with SQL 2017?  The system requirements I could find only show compatibility with SQL 2016.