• RE: Form Calculation from table

    Thank you!  I was on the December release, but just updated to the new one and it's working now.  Great new feature!

  • Form Calculation from table

    In reading the recent article 'More automation possible with table calculation in forms' it shows I can create a Form Calculation that will let me take a sum from a table on the form and insert it into a number field on my form (not in the table).  However, when I click on Add new > Form calculation, it only lets me use elements from the Form, and does not let me choose elements from the Table, as the article shows.  I am using v7.9 on premise if that matters.
  • RE: Table field in merge forms

    I would also like the ability to require at least one line be entered into the table AND the ability that when they do enter a line in the table, that certain fields are required in that table entry.
  • RE: Split Multiple Attachments in a Form

    I have a somewhat similar use case.  For your first question, I do this via a Deletion Policy instead of via a workflow or API.  The documents I don't need are indexed in such a way that I can create a deletion policy to delete it when indexed like that.
    I'm curious to see any others responses you get.
  • RE: Getting Document URL in a Workflow

    Thank you so much for this timely question and answer.  I have a use case that this works beautifully for.
  • RE: form (Fillable) from workflow

    <p>In my case, I have a form that needs input from three different people.&#160; The first is HR who indicates that a person has been hired.&#160; Then it needs to go to the Dept. Manager to provide all of their many needs for the new hire.&#160; Finally, it gets signed off by a third person.&#160; I can do a single form to start a&#160;workflow, but the 2nd person is providing the most information and it's really ugly and cumbersome for them to do that in the workflow itself.&#160; It fits the situation much better at this step for them to see drop down choices and multiple choice options&#160;rather than&#160;the way they would respond in a workflow.&#160; If HR can start a form with a couple little pieces of info, and those items are stored in index fields, then a workflow can start a new fillable form, fill in those initial pieces from HR, and send to the Dept. Manager for all of their input in a much better visual.&#160; A&#160;workflow could then grab the new form once completed&#160;and send it&#160;to&#160;the 3rd person to sign off in the form.</p>
  • RE: converting text based documents to PDF using DocuWare Import-1523056364

    I did something similar.&#160; In my case I had an e-mail and I wanted to read text on it when storing it, so I did a multi-step process using several different modules. <ul> <li>I have an Outlook Mail configuration that stores the e-mail - you can just use an Import job in your scenario.</li> <li>I have a simple DW Workflow that triggers when the e-mail document is stored, it just e-mails the document&#160;out (which turns it into PDF)</li> <li>Then I have another Outlook Mail configuration that stores the 2nd e-mail, attachment first, and uses Document Processing to read the data on the PDF attachment and stores it.</li> <li>To clean up, I have a Deletion Policy to get rid of the original document that is no longer needed.</li> </ul>
  • RE: form (Fillable) from workflow

    Not that I know of, but I could really use this as a feature.
  • RE: Web Form auto-populate city based on zip code

    You can do this now on newer versions of DocuWare using a multi-column select list.  You would need to create a multi column select list that has all of the zip codes and city names.  Then point the Form to this, select the correct column, then check the box to autofill if only one entry.
  • Forms tab - sorting

    Is there a way to set a default sort on the new Forms tab in DW 7.3?  I would like them sorted by the Name column to make things easier to find.