• Intellegent indexing on Azure.

    I have a client that has Intelligent Indexing that does NOT want to put up a Hyper V server in their farm.  
    They do however have a contract with Microsoft on Azure.  The client is concerned with the intensity of the disk activity by Intelligent Indexing as they are counting every 500,000,000ths of a penny. 

    HIs concern (quote)"
    microsoft charges for storage transactions on top of everything else, and while it's not expensive: $.0020 per million transactions, I can imagine some applications out there would run up the bill. 

    "Any type of operation against the storage is counted as a transaction"

    any estimates you can provide, ballpark or otherwise, would really help."

    I have no idea how intensive Intelligent Indexing 2 is.  
    Any help appreciated. 


  • RE: Quota error when storing in Docuware Premise Based 7.x

    I have been told to "Turn off the Volume limits" 
    Docuware 7.x does not support auto volume switching or sizing.....

    It is annoying that we take steps forward and backward at the same time.
    With the volumes being separated it was very fast and very easy to backup volumes of data. 
    We instruct our users to back up the COMPLETE volumes with a keep forever status in backup system.  
    Once that is done there is very little reason to parse thru those directories every single day.

    You can decide how to manage records on those volumes that get updated.  I have built reports for clients that show which volumes have records that have been modified over the MONTH/QUATER/YEAR and they go back and recreate backups for those volumes and then take them off the daily/weekly routines.
    For the most part larger clients do not have large deposits of active records,  I would say that less than one half of any repository is active and the rest is library, stored and kept for everyone's reference. I understand the focus on front end and saving time but the backend is important as well. Managing storage is critical when you consider large repositories. 

    I have clients will eighty million or more pages in Docuware.  There is no reason to review and backup 80,000,000 pages every day/week/month etc unless they really have changed.  There are products that will help with this. Double Take was one that we used for a while. I have seen clients use snapshot and LUN backups and learning to manage those is different but very effective once it is in place and watched over.  
    Good luck!
  • RE: Quota error when storing in Docuware Premise Based 7.x

    The complete error is 403 Forbidden (Operation can not be finished because your quota limit has been reached.)
  • Quota error when storing in Docuware Premise Based 7.x

    My client has a large system with over 2400 volumes of images. 
    We started to get the error "Exceeded quota" when storing to the system . 

    A call to tech support had the client turn off the volume limits and it is now storing. 
    Tech told them this was a well known issue but I could not find a single reference to it .   

    So what is the issue? How do we fix it?
    They want to use volumes for easier backup management so how do we get back to the way it has worked?

    I had this same issue and reviewed the records in the table and found a large number of them were not associated to Filecabinet GUIDS that existed. I am not certain but this seems to cause some issues with the way the tasks are removed from the table. I did a search of all the GUIDS in the settings and found the Task_Type 0 records that existed and deleted them. Once I did this the table started to shrink immediately. I did find you cannot remove the Task_Type=2 records as they are locked.  I have noticed that this also causes an issue with Backups.  All of the Docuware Backups I have failed with an error calling out the DWTask table. 
    1) Exception Information

         Exception Type: DocuWare.Common.Exceptions.DWException
        MachineName: IL084PDW2
        CreatedDateTime: 11/12/2020 10:02:10 AM
        AppDomainName: DWAuthenticationServer.exe
        DWUserLogLevel: Unknown
        TranslatedMessage: General error while reading data from table DWTasks
        Message: General error while reading data from table DWTasks
        TargetSite: Error accessing exception member - Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.
        HResult: -2146232832
    There are currently over 6 million items in this table.  

    I am hopeful reducing the number of records in this table will allow the backups to function or at very least help me to find the issues that still exist. 
  • RE: On Premise Box Swap

    Pay attention to the server types and the versions. Depending on which version you are moving from/to the type you are currently on may not support the new server version.... Example 51b wont run on 2012 server....etc
  • Foreign Document Types

    I have a client that has a number of foreign Document Types (Example: MP4 video file) in DocuWare and in the past when DocuWare did not have a native method for viewing the file it would allow the NATIVE viewer to open the file and view it. 

    Documentation states that it should use the program in the registry but it is not working.
    Has there been a change with Docuware or something else you might be aware of?
  • Look and see if it is in the database....then follow the steps.

    If the user settings are stored in the database:

    1. Create a backup of your DWSystem database
    2. Go to table DWSystem.DWUser and find the UID of the affected user. 
    3. Go to table DWSystem.DWUsersettings and delete all Rows with the UID of the affected user. 

    I have a feeling that you will find them there...you will want to compare the 3 databases to see which GUID you need to remove.

  • Default on installation is DATABASE (refer to Article)

    If you read the article carefully it states that the system can store them in the database or the local macine.

    The installaion default to the database when I installed it so I imagine that all installations 6.7 and greater would do the same. 

    I should look something like the follwing:


    There are 7 fields

    The settings are stored in the settings column and look like this 

    <UserApplicationPreferences guid="30qq3c9a-a660-4c52-8ebf-6e88f3ff2b90" Name="Default" uid="5"><Preferences>&lt;?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?&gt;
    &lt;ApplicationPreferencesHolder xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns="http://dev.docuware.com/schema/public/services/platform"&gt;
      &lt;AppPrefs xsi:type="WebClientPreferences"&gt;
          &lt;ContentAreas xsi:type="BasketAreaPreferences" AreaType="Basket" SelectedInstanceIndex="-1" /&gt;
          &lt;ContentAreas AreaType="Search" SelectedInstanceIndex="-1"&gt;
            &lt;Instances ID="dfc29c1b-4b1d-4da4-bd54-3dd49f22ac32" /&gt;
          &lt;ContentAreas AreaType="Workflow" SelectedInstanceIndex="-1" /&gt;
        &lt;GeneralSettings /&gt;
        &lt;RegionalSettings /&gt;
        &lt;WebClientLayout Mode="AllInOne" /&gt;
          &lt;Baskets /&gt;
          &lt;StoreDialogs /&gt;
          &lt;SearchDialogs /&gt;
          &lt;TaskLists /&gt;
          &lt;MultiFCSearches /&gt;
        &lt;Viewer LeftToolbarState="Collapsed" RightToolbarState="Expanded" ExpandStatusbar="false"&gt;
          &lt;Annotations /&gt;
            &lt;Toolbar Type="Navigation" Position="Left" Visibility="NotVisible"&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Nav_DocumentNumber" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Nav_FirstDocument" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Nav_PreviousDocument" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Nav_NextDocument" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Nav_LastDocument" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Nav_FileNumber" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Nav_FirstFile" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Nav_PreviousFile" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Nav_NextFile" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Nav_LastFile" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Nav_PageNumber" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Nav_FirstPage" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Nav_PreviousPage" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Nav_NextPage" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Nav_LastPage" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
            &lt;Toolbar Type="Tools" Position="Left" Visibility="Expanded"&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Tools_Save" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Tools_Edit" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Tools_PrintDocument" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Tools_SendDocument" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Tools_ShowDocumentInformation" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Tools_ShowDocumentOverview" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Tools_FulltextSearch" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Tools_FulltextSearchContinue" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Tools_TextAnnotation" Checked="false" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Tools_Checksum" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Tools_Download" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Tools_PointAndShoot" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Tools_ShootToClipboard" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Tools_WorkflowHistory" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
            &lt;Toolbar Type="Display" Position="Left" Visibility="Expanded"&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Display_FitToWidth" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Display_FitToWidthNoMargins" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Display_FullDocument" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Display_ZoomIn" Checked="false" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Display_ZoomOut" Checked="false" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Display_ZoomNumber" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Display_MagnifyingGlass" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Display_DisplayEnhancement" Checked="true" State="Toggled" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Display_Invert" Checked="false" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Display_RotateLeft" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Display_RotateRight" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Display_SaveRotation" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Display_ImageEnhancement" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Display_MergeLayers" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Display_ShowOverlay1" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Display_ShowOverlay2" Checked="false" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Display_ShowOverlay3" Checked="false" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Display_ShowOverlay4" Checked="false" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Display_ShowOverlay5" Checked="false" State="None" /&gt;
            &lt;Toolbar Type="Stamps" Position="Left" Visibility="NotVisible"&gt;
              &lt;Controls /&gt;
            &lt;Toolbar Type="Annotations" Position="Left" Visibility="Expanded"&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Annotations_Select" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Annotations_Delete" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Annotations_Text" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Annotations_Marker" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Annotations_Line" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Annotations_FreehandLine" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Annotations_Arrow" Checked="false" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Annotations_Rectangle" Checked="true" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Annotations_Ellipse" Checked="false" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Annotations_FilledEllipse" Checked="false" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Annotations_FilledRectangle" Checked="false" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Annotations_TransparentEllipse" Checked="false" State="None" /&gt;
                &lt;ToolbarControl Type="Annotations_TransparentRectangle" Checked="false" State="None" /&gt;
            &lt;Toolbar Type="DocOverview" Position="Left" Visibility="Expanded"&gt;
              &lt;Controls /&gt;
            &lt;Toolbar Type="DocLinks" Position="Left" Visibility="Expanded"&gt;
              &lt;Controls /&gt;
        &lt;MultiFCSearches /&gt;


    querey the data as follows:

      FROM [system].[dbo].[DWUserSettings]

    The user data needs to be linked  with [dbo].[DWUser] and [dbo].[DWUserIdentity] to get all the data in one place.


  • Speeding up uploads from WebScan, DW Printer and Import

    Upload speed always seems to be a function of volume and larger volume scans create a CLIENT Side issue.

    I am guessing that you only have 2 to 4 upload threads running as well.  I have found that you can play with the number of uploads you can run and it can greatly improve the speed the images get upto the server. 

    Each of these are on the Client Desktop:
     The number of paralell processing tasks are commonly set to 2 by default.You can increase this setting as follows: "C:\Program Files (x86)\DocuWare\Desktop\DocuWare.DesktopService.exe.config"
    change the following key with a text editor:
    <add key="ConcurrencyMaximum" value="2"/>
    [...] Change the 2 to a higher number.I have one systems set to 35 and another to 12 so I would start at 8 to 12 and go from there either up or down.It really depends on memory and resources. Changes do not take effect until you restart the service (under admin services). If you have more than one scan-workstations, please don't raise the values too high because you can busy out the server and create a whole different problem. 
    TURN OFF Notifications over DocuWare Desktop Tray-IconThis can be disabled to lower the local CPU load.
    You have more ways to do this. First option would be to disable it over the Control Panel\All Control
    Panel Items\Notification Area Icons.
    You can also disbable it in the:"C:\Program Files
    (x86)\DocuWare\Desktop\DocuWare.Desktop.exe.config"over the following value:
     [...]
    <add key="TrayNotificationLevel" value="Nothing"/>
    These changes takes affect after restarting the DocuWare Desktop (Application)
    Values for TrayNotificationLevel are any one of the following: Nothing, Error, Warning, Info Do not forget to turn on the OCR only if needed checkbox if you are not doing barcode recognition or OCR.Good luck