• RE: Digital Signature in document

    Hi, thanks but the biometric signature and remote signature work ok, but now i Want insert the signature from my business in the diocument pdf beside with the client....
  • Digital Signature in document

    I am a configuring signature with validated ID, the signature Bio and Remote work ok, but now I need to insert the signature in the document next to where the client will sign, for example with contracts ...
    I need to see the certified signature on the first page next to where the recipient of the document will sign
    Can you help me???
  • RE: Validated ID integration, problem with updating index fields

    In the entry "StatusFiledName" you have to put the name that documentaware gives to the label in the filing cabinet you have created, in the database fields option, there in the field properties it indicates the name given by the system which is the that you have to put.
    Then the "FailureStatusValue" and "SuccessStatusValue" entries are correct
    Try this it sure works ..... luck