• Unable to Annotate Document

    Even though I have confirmed I have annotate permissions in the file cabinet, I am unable to annotate some of my documents. 

    All of the documents have additional docs clipped to them, which I can annotate, however the main one in my clip cannot be annotated.

    Can anyone offer any suggestions on how to resolve this?

    Thanks in advance,
  • Set Date Format for Intelligent Indexing

    I'm just doing some testing on a cloud project I'm working on and have something I can't work out with intelligent indexing for dates.

    My regional settings on my admin account are set to UK (dd/mm/yyyy), which is the format I need to store dates in. When I upload a document to a tray and try to index it, it always changes the date to the US format (mm/dd/yyyy) and indexes is as such, even though the date on the document is in the UK format.

    An example would be:

    the date on my doc is 01/06/2019 (first of June 2019)
    when I copy this into the date index field, it changes to 06/01/2019 (sixth of Jan 2019)

    We've manually corrected the date field on about 10 documents uploaded so far in our testing and every one has had this issue, so it looks like the intelligent indexing won't learn how to read the date in the format I want.

    Is there a way to define the date format of how the system reads and indexes dates?