• Indirect Index Field Names

    Hi guys,

    is there a way of indirectly using index fields in a formula like there is with the INDIRECT() function in Excel?

    E.g. I have a document with 31 Index fields called Overhours_1 for day 1 of the month, Overhours_2 for day 2 etc. I now want to create a formula in the Workflow Manager meaning something like "Get me the content of the Index field named Overhours_Today()".

    Any ideas?

  • Zeiterfassung mit DW

    Hallo zusammen,

    hat irgendwer hier bereits Erfahrungen gesammelt, Arbeitszeiten über DW zu erfassen, d.h. entweder per verbundenem Zeiterfassungsterminal oder per Formular direkt in DW?

    Danke vorab
  • SEPA XML Data


    Is there a possibility, maybe an add-on, to create SEPA XML files out of our documents in DW?

  • Smart Index for tables

    Hi guys,

    Smart Index is a great help for our daily work. Only, it seems not to be able to index table fields.

    In the Smart Index Configuration, I can see the option "list" for selecting a part of the respective screenshot to match with an Indexing field but all fields turn red when I try to match them - so I thought that this "list" selection might be the one to match with tables. Only, I cannot see the table fields I defined for my tray dialogue in Smart Index.

    Anyone any idea?

    Disclaimer: I use German DocuWare so I might have translated some field names incorrectly.