• Document import via monitored (network)folder


    with the Docuware Desctop Apps it is possible to define a folder to be monitored.
    If a file is put there with a corresponding .dwcontrol file it is then automatically imported and processed into docuware.

    However thats a use case for a single user monitoring his files and he has to locally run the desktop apps on his computer.

    Is there a possibility to create such folder monitoring generally?
    So that there is e.g. a network drive monitored and everything anyone puts there will be imported to docuware without some user running the desktop apps on his local pc (maybe via a job on the docuware server)? 

  • Problem with document upload via Postman and Rest


    I am trying to upload a file via Postman and the postman collection provided by docuware (See attached screenshot).

    However  when i submit the request with the attached document and index file there is no upload occuring.

    It is simply returning the listing of all documents in the file cabinet as if i just make a get call to  OUR_DOCUWARE_URL/DocuWare/Platform/FileCabinets/111524bd-c059-4807-b380-cb15b62132be/Documents

    What is missing here?
  • URL generation via Postman and Rest - The resource cannot be found


    I am trying to generate a URL via the Rest API by using the Postman collection provided from docuware:

    POST request to:

    Body content (json):
     "Condition":[ {"DBName":"HAENDLERNUMMER", "Value":["19"]}

    Howerver, when i make the request out of Postman i only get an error page returned: The resource cannot be found.

    It seems like the url (with DialogExpressionLink) is not correct? Has it changed? We are using docuware 7.3
    Other request are running well (For example a request to OUR_DOCUWARE_URL/DocuWare/Platform/FileCabinets/111524bd-c059-4807-b380-cb15b62132be works quite well)

    What can be the problem here?
  • Problems creating support requests

    I wanted to create a support request hier at docuware.

    Therefore i created an account (The one which is used here to create a forum post) but everytime i click on "New support request" i get the Error message:

    You don't have the appropriate permissions.

    What is missing here? We do have docuware running in our company, do i need to provide proof of that somehow? I did not find a way to do it