• RE: line break as a delimiter in export tool

    Hi Tobias Getz,

    Thanks for your reply
    The export file is very specific and there is no comma or semi-colon, each information is in a new line as you can see in this file provided by the customer

    Thomas Guichard
  • line break as a delimiter in export tool


    In order to set up an accounting export I have to define a line break as a delimiter, but I have no idea how, is it possible? Thanks in advance
  • Field delimiter in old export tool

    <pre data-placeholder=Traduction dir=ltr id=tw-target-text>Hello everyone, I would like to configure an export from Docuware to Filaos with the old export tool because only this one allows me to configure several lines according to a different structure. However, for the export to be functional, the delimiter must be a tabulation and the encoding in ASCII, the problem is that the old tool does not seem to allow delimiting with a tabulation, does anyone knows how to transcribe a tab in the old tool? Thank you beforehand</pre>