• Validated ID integration, problem with updating index fields

    Hi all
    I am having a problem with Validated ID and updating index fields. If I have understood correctly, in the first "Assign Data" activity, the variable "StatusFieldName" should be a fixed entry, where you input the name of the index field you want to feed new data in. My entry to the "StatusFieldName" is "Signed" without brackets, as that is the name of the index field I want to enter data. In "FailureStatusValue" my entry is "Rejected" and "SuccessStatusValue" entry is "Signed", all without brackets. When these entires are assigned, the workflow fails. When I leave these three unfilled, I get the validation email successfully.

    When testing, we got the following result message:"Please correct the following DocuWare configuration issues to allow DocuWare Electronic Signature to function properly: Field Signed does not exist or user does not have read permission."