• Allow the removal of a stamp in a Workflow (approval process)


    does anybody know if it's possible to remove a stamp previously created with a Workflow ?
    My problem is that we use Docuware for our Quality Management : documents are created, but they need to have the name and date of approval in the document.
    We have 3 steps : published, verified and approved, and at every step I need these informations.
    Currently we use Webservices, but we're not happy with it.

    I was thinking about the stamps that can be managed with the Workflow in the task activity.
    I see that I can apply a stamp as a decision.
    But in my approval process, sometimes it's denied, and the document restart the process till it's totally approved on the 3 steps.
    At the end, when the document is approved, I need the 3 stamps of approval (published, verified and approved).

    And my problem here is that I can't delete a previous stamp : am I right or does a trick that I don't know exist ?
  • RE: [Autoindex] Trigger a cabinet file (A) and update another cabinet file (B)

    I confirm that it works perfectly fine ! Thanks

  • RE: Docuware services don't start when the server is rebooted

    Thanks a lot for your answer, my sys admin will be so happy...!
  • Docuware services don't start when the server is rebooted

    Hi everyone !

    Everytime that my Docuware server reboots, I have to open a session.
    If I don't, the Docuware services won't start.
    My system admin tells me that's not normal, he's quite pissed about this issue...
    What he told me is that if the server has to reboot, it normally wouldn't be necessary to open a session.
    Apparently, he tells me that all other applications don't need to open a session when their server reboots.

    Is it normal ? Is it a Docuware rule ?
  • [Autoindex] Trigger a cabinet file (A) and update another cabinet file (B)

    Hi everybody,

    I want to update the indexes of a cabinet file B when the trigger is from a cabinet file A.
    The help section has not much details.

    I would need some explanations on some features.

    In the first tab "Trigger" I have the cabinet file I want to update (cabinet file B), and the trigger conditions, but from the same cabinet.
    Here I want to set a trigger from a specific cabinet file in order to update another cabinet file.
    I kind of solved my problem in setting the Scheduled menu, and launching the Autoindex every minute, but that's not a very clean solution for me (I filter from the Assign date tab in Configure data source). It works fine, but I would like a more elegant solution.

    I was wondering if with the "File Event" menu I could use the SQL Statements and set my trigger (when index from cabinet file A is "xx")
    But I wasn't able to find any example in the web.
  • RE: VBA Expression for a new line without a carriage return


    thanks for the answer, but I have yet created a Support Request. Do I inform the person who manage my request ?
  • VBA Expression for a new line without a carriage return

    Hello everyone :-)

    I have Word Documents I update via a webservice.
    I send the text to find and the text to replace with variables in a Workflow.
    The texts have to be without the carriage return character.
    I tried the Control Chars I found in the documentation "Workflow Expression Parser" : Cr, CrLf, Lf, NewLine and finally Chr(13) & Chr(10) (both and one by one).
    But each time, the texts returned by the variables are with this carriage return character I don't want.

    I have to get the new line with the reversed P, as when you type "Enter" in a Word document.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    I attach 2 files :
    - "Text with carriage return character" - a text returned by a variable, using one of the expression parsers I talked about (all gave me this character)
    - "Text with correct new line" - the text I want, with the reversed P, but which expression do I have to use ?

    Kind regards,