• .NET API Get List of Fields in File Cabinet or Tray

    I am trying to programmatically get a list of Field in a File Cabinet (or Basket/Document Tray) when I user selects a Cabinet.  Looking at the code schema there is the FileCabinetFields which I should be able to obtain from the FileCabinet.Fields, but when I do this I get a count of 0 and no fields, I am using the wrong thing to get a list of fields available in the cabinet?

    Here is the VB.Net code:

    docuWareConnection = ServiceConnection.Create(uri, userName, userPassword, organization:=organisation)
            docuWareOrg = docuWareConnection.Organizations(0)

            fileCabinets = docuWareOrg.GetFileCabinetsFromFilecabinetsRelation().FileCabinet

            For Each fc In fileCabinets
                If String.Compare(fc.Name, cabinet, True) = 0 Then
                    fieldList = fc.Name + "|" + fc.Fields.Count.ToString
                    fileCabinetFields = fc.Fields
                    For Each fileCabinetField In fileCabinetFields
                        fieldNameDB = fileCabinetField.DBFieldName
                        fieldNameDisplay = fileCabinetField.DisplayName
                        fieldNameType = fileCabinetField.DWFieldType
                        fieldList = fieldList + fieldNameDB + "|" + fieldNameDisplay + "|" + fieldNameType + "||"
                End If


    Thanks for any input.