• No, it did not work. I

    No, it did not work. I recieved the following: Failed to Bind the LDAP host specified with the proxy user information and bind options.

    And yes, I am trying to access the documentation via the System Administration station.

  • Chris,


    When I go to Help-> Contents: System Administration-> LDAP Authentication- It's empty. I can see it in the Contents Menu, but when I click on it nothing displays.

  • LDAP server switch

    Currently we are running Fortis 6.10. We are attempting to switch the LDAP server (2012r2) to a new server 2016 (Standard). When we go into Setup and attempt to change the LDAP host to the new server, we get "Invalid Group Identity Field" pop up. The Identify Field for Groups is set to OU. Is this because Fortis is not compatible with 2016?