• RE: Document Name

    Maybe it takes the name with which it was saved the first time, the name that is saved in the .dwx file of each document saved on the platform, and whenever a multiple selection is made, it takes the name of the first selected file and since you compress it maybe the method uses the name that comes in that .dwx file unlike when you only download one document at a time, maybe you should use a request to download more than one file and not change the name
  • RE: Check licenses and occupied capacity in DW.

    In docuware cloud, logging in the browser with the docuware administrator user,<br> configuration / product overview&nbsp;&nbsp;for both occupied space and licenses<br> <br> In docuware on premise in the administration to see the licenses you must go to part of (name of the organization) / general / licenses<br> <br> Finally, if you want to know how much space the documents occupy, you must go to administration / storage locations and from there see the url of the paths, you must go to those locations and through the windows properties see how much space they occupy.<br> <br> in file cabinets is where the documents are stored.<br> <br> &nbsp;