• RE: API Stapling-1547063039


    Has this been resolved? We've bumped in to the same problem.
    We've found this: https://developer.docuware.com/dotNet_CodeExamples/7e48a8c5-4726-4f79-aeb6-885ec341c904.html

    There it says "In order to merge documents specify the documents and the file cabinet or basket where the documents reside."

    So it IS possible, but how? We're always getting the same error: "405 Method Not Allowed (File cabinets do not support StapleAsync)"
  • RE: Sending one document to different users separately

    Hello Simon,

    We already tried this, and that works. except for the fact that people lock each other out of confirming.
    Let's say you send this to two people that'd be fine, in some way. But send it to 10, 20 or 50 people?
    One person could open it and the other 49 would be locked out.

    Greetings from Belgium,
    Michaël Peeters

    Information Capture Consultant

  • Sending one document to different users separately


    One manager, 5 employees

    Manager sends a policy change document that the 5 employees need to read. Each of them get a task to read the document.
    After one clicks on Confirm, the task should still be open for the other 4 employees.
    To do this the manager should send the same document 5 times, each time addressing it (in the store dialog) to someone else.

    Is there a way so this does not need to happen? That, when the document is sent to 'public' for example, that everyone gets a task for himself (with a different workflow instance id) that doesn't influence the other tasks of the same document.
  • Index data change on multiple document


    Is it possible that when you change the index of data in a workflow of a document that index from an other document also changes? (So that can trigger an other workflow?)

    When a certain document enters the file cabinet and starts a workflow it needs to be checked (if everything is in order). When approved that documents status needs to put to 'toApprove' and when that happens the status of ANOTHER document neds to be put to 'toApprove' aswell.

    How does one go about that? I was thinking about autoindex (when index fields changes from 'new' to 'toApprove' it triggers it. Then solving it with match data if a certain field is the same (In my problem the PO Number) it changes the data of an index field (in my problem status) to 'toApprove'.

    Help would be very welcoming!

    PS: On docuware cloud and 7.1