• Workflow invoice approval (waiting)


    we got a workflow for processing our invoices approval process. Unfortunately we got quite a challenge: A lot of invoices are incorrect. Therefore we have to put them in a kind of "waiting state" in our workflow, because we are waiting for a credit note. 
    The problem now is ,that we got hundreds of invoices waiting for credit notes. The user can't see / is not notified if a new document workflow matches a waiting document. We got an attribute which could link them together, but that is not helping right now, because the user has to check all the documents every day.
    Is there any way to solve this issue? Any tips maybe?
    I thought about building a real "waiting" which is now possible with 7.2 so that the user will not see the older invoices until they get the credit note. But that would be problematic because we can't check which invoices are still waiting.
  • RE: Duplicate vendor/invoice number combo

    We also got this problem in our company. We do check for duplicates in the workflow, but that's is too late for the users. They want a notification as soon as they enter the invoice number in the storage dialog. Is that somehow possible?
  • Filter Option in Tasks


    is there any way for a user to filter a column in the tasklist using more then one entry?
    For example we got multiple departments (IT and HR). The user now wants to filter the column 'department' with 2 entries 'IT' OR 'HR'.

  • Invoice Workflow optimization

    Good morning,

    we just started using DocuWare and are already a bit 'sceptic' about the handling in DocuWare.
    We got one problem regarding "charging-on/ pass on costs". Our departments gets the invoices from our accountancy. They then have a few fields to fill e.g 'comment' and fields to write down the 'charging-on costs'. Unfortunately sometime we have cases where we pass on costs of multiple positions. You can't enter these in the textfield (stamp gets too big and difficult to read) .
    We tried to use a table, but the table is not visible on a stamp, so useless for our accountancy. Our approch now is, to make a .txt file and clip it on the invoice which is kind of complicated.
    Is there any other way like e.g. have a writeable easy to fill blank second page behind the invoice or make tables better visible to process them?

    Best regards,

    F. Matz
  • RE: Re-Assignment in Workflow

    Thank you very much. This was the perfect solution.

    Best regards,
  • Stempeldarstellung Dokument

    Hallo zusammen,

    ist es möglich Stempel ohne das Dokument im Hintergrund bzw. gesondert darzustellen?
    Wenn ein Dokument recht "voll" ist und nur wenig Platz für Stempel ist, überschneiden sich diese. Wenn das Dokument dann noch mit 10 Stempeln versehen ist, erkennt man gar nichts mehr.  Der Fachbereich muss jedoch die Einträge der Stempel erkennen können.
    Wie kann man dieses Problem lösen?
  • Re-Assignment in Workflow


    we are currently having a problem with the assignments in our workflows. A document is assigned to a role (department) which consists of 5 users. 
    One of the users looks at the document and sees that a specific colleague should process it. He can right-click on the document and do a reassignment.
    Which happens now is that the other 4 colleagues can still see the task. The task from the user who reassigned it is gone. From my point of view, only the one new assigned user, should see the task now.
    Is there any way to implement this? What are we doing wrong?